I want to hear from YOU! Pimax 8KX + 6M optical cable Displayport issues

Hello, so I have been having a constant battle with my GIGABYTE AORUS RTX3090 water-force’s Displayports, trying to get a decent image without noise/snow and at 90HZ. I thought i had succeeded with a lindy repeater and a 2m extension however i still get issues where the headset just blacks out after so long and its annoying as hell, especially when playing DCS. If i take the lindy repeater out and run with just a 1m cable the AORUS displayport can handle 75Hz but then freaks out at 90HZ, this would be OK but i really need 90HZ for DCS to compulsive smooth down to 45. With just the stock cable by itsself its fine, but its too short! I have also tried 2 6m optical cables from Pimax and they both have similar issues also :frowning:

So i’m just going to get rid of this pile of s&%t graphics card and get something with decent Displayports. This is where you come in. Do you have a 6m fibre optic cable and a 8KX that works flawlessly in all the Displayports on your graphics card? I would like to hear from you and know what make/model GPU you have to influence my purchase. Preferably something like a RTX3080ti or higher.


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I have a 3090Ti FE with a 3 meter extension and the lindy repeater with the standard cable and it works flawlessly.

This is the 3 meter extension https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07HL7RSRW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1


Without the lindy repeater im asuming you had issues mate? with the extension on at least.

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Absolutely, could not even detect the HMD without the lindy repeater, without any extension.
With the HMD plugged directly into the 3090Ti no signal.

Sorry, it doesnt do 90hz for me on my 3090 FE, but I’ve determined it might be the HMD version or revision I have. Its frustrating but when I bought it it was not advertised as anything other than 75hz. It blinks every few seconds at 90hz…and it did the same on my 2080 ti. Not sure Im helpful, but I tried repeaters active and passive. Ive also tried the regular and fiber optic cables without a difference. I also changed mobos and CPUs. Good luck!


Today i have coming a 1m (down from 2m) display port lead to try again with the lindy, see if this helps. Ive spent a fortune on displayport leads trying ro get this to work its not even funny :frowning:

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I think I got it working with .280 Pitool and .299 firmware by switching DisplayPorts. Now works on my third display Port. Who know for how long, but OK for several hours as of this post. It’d been suggested to try other DPs before and I think it failed to work on my 2080ti, but here I am 3-5 hours in without issue.


Didnt work. Ive gone back to using just the standard cable alone with no extensions, its the only way i can have a trouble free experience, which is a pain as its nowhere near long enough :-/


Man thats terrible. Have you tried your 6m cables on each Display aport with reboot between switches? If that fails then my empathies.

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Have you opened a support ticket?

I have a Gigabyte 3080 Ti that I’m using with a fiberoptic cable at 90Hz native. Works great.

Neither the standard nor fiberoptic cable worked at 90Hz at first. I contacted support, and they got it working no problem.

@DJSlanr yes mate ive tried all my ports several times its a wonder i havent wore them out. My middle port is by far the best. In fact with the stock cable the middle port is the only one that works without any noise/snow.

@Sargon i contacted support and they sent me a new 6m fibre cable that behaved exactly same as the first one. What exactly did they do to fix your issue? I even had noise/snow with my index, except on my middle port.

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They sent me a different build of firmware.

However, if you’re even getting noise/snow with your Index with that GPU, I’d suspect that the GPU is defective. That is, it’s not necessarily that the particular model of GPU would not work generally, but rather your specific card. Since mine is also a Gigabyte, and it is not the case that Gigabyte GPUs in general don’t work.

Perhaps you should pursue it as a technical support issue with Gigabyte rather than Pimax.

You have two different VR headsets that show problems from the same GPU. Of course, we are inclined to blame the new technology first (and with good reason). But if you connected two different monitors to a GPU, and they both had snow, you’d blame the GPU, not the monitors.

There is, however, one other possibility you should test. And that is that something else may be generating RF interference which is causing the issues. You may be seeing it on your VR headsets but not your monitors because the VR headsets run at higher display resolutions and demand more of the cable.

Disconnect and unpower everything nonessential and see if problems persist. Especially, some direct drive steering wheels are known to cause severe RF which can disrupt VR headsets connected to the same PC. But there are other ways this could happen, too. You could have some sort of grounding issue, for instance.

90 HZ is a higher link speed than 75. HDMI/DP is like a network card for Video.

Youre getting snow because the video card is bad.
You have to use a lower link speed.

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