I want delete my order, my order is still not shipped, so i want delete it fast! i ask help 2 months ago but nothing!

I placed an order that included the pimax 5k and the controllers, unfortunately I added the controllers by mistake and it is now two months that I request the cancellation of the order and the reimbursement, in order to redo the order and take the right products!
But do you realize that in two months you have not been able to do a very simple operation like canceling an order ?! I apologize to everyone for the words of anger, but these have taken 1000 dollars! and they don’t even bother me for an answer! in more than two months!
All this would be denounced, here we are not talking about small problems but of stealing money and time! so long, I will have sent over 20 emails! what should i do to fix this? now I demand an answer!

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Duplicate post?
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im sorry, im just confused,I have never seen a way to communicate with a company that is so confusing and spartan, in general in case of problems, I contact customer support directly, I never needed a forum …
therefore I tend to make a bit of confusion


No worries, if I was in your situation I’m sure I would be VERY frustrated too. I think others have had similar problems with communication. It might be a translation thing, but when you start swearing and 'demand… ’ I suspect you lose some sympathy.

As you are getting no reply from Pimax, depending on how you payed is it an option for you to raise a dispute through your credit card company / bank / PayPal? Have tagged a couple of people from Pimax who might be able to help. Genuinely, I wish you luck :crossed_fingers:.

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Ps if you have a SUPEN number (from the support tracking system) you might want to add it to this thread. I think that’s the official way of logging a request.


Yes very frustrating indeed!! Forget trying to communicate with emails, been there done that! They generally dont reply to emails but fail to tell you this. However they usually reply to the Supen ticket. So you might need to open a ticket at Pimaxvr.com under Support

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i did, and nothing! for this reason im so worryed, and angry, because i really dont know what i can do to get help, its normal that they dont asnwer me also with ticket?

I dont know, I have opened 3 tickets and “thought” I was supposed to be replying to their emails, then I smartened up and started to reply to the tickets, but at times it would be weeks before I got a response.

I usually got quick 1 or 2 day responses regarding my faulty cable Pimax 5K+ and 8K shipments, but I also ordered lenses for my Pimax 4K and it would be weeks before I got responses on that

open a new one,
I’ll do it.

im really going crazy…i opened a new ticket, and after 3 days they answer me, they asked me if i want delete my order or something else…i answered that i want delete my order and then make a new one…
Then nothing for arround 7 days, i still not received an aswer, but today i received one mail from AUMBOW-DPD-API but dont say nothing about Pimax, but i look on google and i found that is a delivery sevice used by Pimax, is possible that they send me the order anyway? after 3 months of my requests to delete my order?

Yep, that shipment is from Pimax.

But is legal that they do that??? what anyone know what i can do to resolve this problem? i want my money back, this order is wrong! can i contact someone to resolve this situation? i payed 1000 dollars and im close to receive the wrong products! this is incredible, i never received a treatment like this

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how is it now ? problem solved ?