I`ve Got a BOX!

I have a box,DO Ya Want to see whats inside the box…

Bugger off and get ya own F.n box :rofl::joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::yum::smiley:


Toaster Oven. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:


#Jealous. Hope it is a faultless unit.


What a coincidence, I got my box too :wink:.


I’m kinda starting to feel abandoned.


Pre-order? Did you recieve and email?

5k+ I presume? :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

You’ve got a defective item, so it’s the same as an empty box.

Yup, 5k+, and so far no problems apart from my nose not being big enough to block the gap at the bottom of the headset :grin:. The only issue I have at the moment is that after doing the room calibration, it’s placed my head smack-bang on the floor, which makes Steam Home look a little odd, but it doesn’t affect Elite Dangerous.


Get a nose job to fit your pimax.

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Wipe that kitchen counter down really well… you don’t know where that BOX has been. :laughing:

You joke, but the DPD driver decided that the best ‘safe place’ to deliver my parcel to was right next to an open drain :hushed:.

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If your not using. Lighthouses you need to manually enter your height

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And yet some of your fellow :uk: ers put dpd in such high regard. :laughing:

I am using lighthouses, but I just realised that they’re not being seen by PiTool, also the panels seem to be rendering at a really low res, the image quality is pretty poor. I think further experimentation is required.

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What’s your system specs?

Ditto - quite a large gap indeed, much bigger gap than any other headset I own or have owned.
Can see floor all the time.

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Could be worse, initially they left the box by the side door of the house, clearly visible to anyone walking down out side road (which is a LOT of people as we live opposite a school!). I got notification of the box being left in the designated safe place, which was weird because I never specified one, it should have gone to a neighbour if I wasn’t home. One quick and rather irritated phone call later and the delivery driver was made to turn around and put it somewhere safer… less hygienic, but safer.

System specs are…
Intel i9 9900k
Asus Maximus Hero XI motherboard
32gb Kingston Hyper-X running at 4166mhz.
Asus Strix 1080ti
Samsung Evo 970 M2 SSD
Wall-mounted Vive lighthouses


looks like its delivery time all over europe for all the missing 5k+?

i’ve got my 5k+ today, backer number 50xx (as i was emailed 3 days before delivery by DPD i was able to specify a DPD “shop” where the thing was delivered to so i could safely pick it up)

one corner of the package was squashed and the black box inside the package got damaged but the headset looks ok, i will be able to test it later