I Used to watch Movies in VR

But not so much anymore…
I started out watching movies in the Sony HMZ T1 head mounted display. It was connected to my PS4 and I could watch 3D blu-ray movies on it. Avatar in 3D was mind blowing. I had a lot of fun with it.
Next was my HTC Vive. Large virtual screens, but the screen door effect was intolerable.
Then my Kickstarter 8k arrived, and it was a godsend. Nice picture with no SDE. The 8kx was even better. I’ve watched many movies and shows on their virtual Imax sized screens.
Then things started to change. Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome wouldn’t allow me to watch any of my streaming services(Netflix/Prime/Disney+). I started using Firefox, but Nexflix only streams in HD.
I brought a 4k TV as my monitor, and now I watch most of my content including UHD HDR there.
In a final twist, I have purchased Top Gun Maverick HD, but Google Play Movies on Youtube will only play it at 480p. I would loved to have watched it on a virtual giant screen but 480p in VR is just not going to fly.
So, I’ll crank up the bass shakers, darken the room hop into my flight sim rig and enjoy the movie on my TV.
So that’s my experience to date. If anyone has a “buddy your doing it wrong, try this”, that wound be awesome.
I look forward to the Pimax 12K, but I do hope that it’s able to support UHD content from the streaming services.

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I use a quest 2 to watch movies etc, it has apps for netflix, amazon prime, youtube etc. It’s not as visually impressive as an an 8kx for example but it’s decent.

I think You need to get some software that will let you rip your Blu-ray discs or play them natively on your PC. Leawo Blu-ray player works, although I’m not sure it’s free anymore.

It is completely ridiculous how much companies have locked down all the digital content services, because it takes away one of my favorite uses of VR. Christ sake it’s not like we own the content anymore LOL

I also used to have an hmz T1 lost mine in a fire. Sucked. I think a Plex server would be really good for your use case. You can rip your 3D and 2D discs and have them in full quality to stream, or just play directly off of your PC in a virtual desktop application at their full resolution. If you have a butt kicker that would be my recommendation.

I just got myself a pair of Nebra anybeam MEMS laser projectors that I’m hoping to hook up in a surround setup for movies and gaming. Basically will give me a giant screen with good motion resolution ( better than a flat panel of any type) capable of doing infinite contrast, Etc.

I love watching movies in VR but these VR LCDs are still LCD, and unless they have really good response time, they’re not ideal for watching movies, though I admit that is one of my favorite use cases.