I thought the preorder 8kx had free shipping?I just payed 60.51 for shipping?

i thought the preorder 8kx has free shipping?I just payed 60.51 for shipping?

i ordered the 8kx deluxe and kept the eyetracking coupon.

Could you clarify this @PimaxUSA @Matthew.Xu @SweViver if this is right?
Also can i buy the eyetracking already,or test the beta for eyetracking?



It says “where available”
Most likely just in China.


Or nowhere…? :grin:


Its China only. And consider yourself lucky, some have posted they paid over $250 in taxes and shipping charges , Yikes!


I think it should be FREE shipping in US as well since they have storehouse there.


Technically free shipping is “available” anywhere in the world. Free to at least one party anyway. The wording should have been “Free shipping within China”, but then why bother telling us about it since PD1&PD2 along with all these slides were created for a English speaking worldwide audience.

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Hang on, what’s an 8KX “deluxe”?

thats the one with better over the ear headphones( but we never saw or heard them…) So lets hope there are as good as the valve index headphones they are amazing!

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I don’t think such a version exists but You can buy two different version of the MAS for the new Vision models (deluxe and standard):


did you have to pay 200+ VAT also for nl?

hello,no VAT for nl…

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What the hell is going on with Pimax? I got slap with £129.80 vat for UK and nothing for NL? And, the total silence with Pimax is just driving me crazy.

that’s crazy, i did try till the final step suddenly vat was included. Wich plan did you go for?
edit i fixed it i did go for current owner plan but with plan D i don’t get taxes

i did plan c with a pimax 8kx deluxe and kept the eyetracking discount

oke, i opted out for everything, i have to first see how far the eyetracking will go and will sell my 8k, won’t need the stretch goals as the new hmd has the most important audiostrap

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As i konw, China will be the last available country in the world…

Yes, that’s right. The shipping is not free.