I thought it was a PiMax IPD problem, but the faceplate was too wide

When playing games on my PiMax 8k Plus, the images are blurry… I read an article about IPD and it doesn’t match… I thought this was a difficult IPD problem for PiMax…

The cause was the faceplate was too wide!

When I switched from the Valve Index, I was most impressed with the FOV, but secondly, the faceplate size for Asians. the Index had a very narrow shape for Westerners, which was annoying, but the PiMax is really flat and comfortable. That was good news for me as an Asian.

I was happy to use it for a while, but the IPD didn’t quite fit. First I adjusted the right eye, then the left eye, and when I went back to the right eye, it kept shifting.
So, I put the face plate on my face close to my left and right eyes and noticed it. My face is shifting from side to side.
It was nothing, the PiMax faceplate was flatter than my face. If I played the game, it would shift from side to side.
As an Asian, I have wide face plates, which may be an even bigger problem for Westerners.

As a solution, I inserted the narrowing pads that came with the Valve Index AMVR faceplate between the left and right sides.

A slightly tighter faceplate is ready!
Now you don’t have to tighten up the dial on the back as much as you want, and the headset won’t shift from side to side.

There is some eye strain after prolonged use, so the IPD issue may still be there, but just not shifting is a super improvement.
If you look with your right eye only and try to shake the headset and it shifts focus, your head is smaller than the PiMax faceplate. Some kind of padding to make it narrower might improve it.


That is quite awesome solution. Pimax had conducted a survey on the side pads on the MAS. On the inside of the strap there are thin pads where the Audio attaches. These are removable and can also be thickened. Pimax was considering releasing thicker side padding as an option. However we have heard nothing since @hammerhead_gal @PimaxQuorra . Still easy enough for diy.

If memory serves there was also some Narrow Face 3dprintables on thingverse.


I also think that Face Plate should be improved, as it is too wide even for me as an Asian.


The og face gasket I believe was a bit narrower.

Pimax should really just release a stl file so ppl can create custom Facial interfaces.

Does sound bad though that the Gasket is not accommodating Asian faces as well. Imho thete should be 3 options to choose from since 1 size does not fit all especially in a World Wide Market.

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The PiMax has a very narrow sweet spot for focus, so the size of the Face gasket is an important issue.
If only that sweet spot was bigger, the problem would be solved.

This seems to be of some debate as some say it is big and some say it is small.

But agreed general placement affects this and how Asymmetrical the eyes are and if within the physical adjustment for ipd vs using soft fixes for added adjustment.

It is quite sad that all this time pimax had yet to release a proper ipd setup tool. As it is a high level complaint that if resolved would help ensure a good out of box experience.

With them bow focusing on the 12k and cancelling/shelving PE it will likely be a long time before this is remedied.


Indeed,i dont know why they let their customers down bigtime! Its a long long requested thing… @PimaxUSA @PimaxQuorra @hammerhead_gal


This is good to know thanks! I also had a problem with the 8KX and getting my eyes lined up, but not the 5k+.

I solved it by using the 5k+ face gasket instead of the 8KX Comfort kit.

(also Asian, but I’m not sure how much that really matters, individual face shape matters more. Pretty sure a lot of Pimax staff are Asian too and presumably it works for them hehe)


The face gasket on the valve index is very narrow, perhaps to keep the face centered.

Yeah, this solution will work for people with relatively narrow faces. I 've forwarded it to the structural engineer.


That’s cool but how about discussing with the team to use maybe the og face gasket interface and release a 3dmodel so those with printers can make custom facial interface?


pretty sure we’ve decided they arent doing the IPD tool because it will prove that their “true” minimum IPD is higher than they’ve been advertising

I guess you could use something like this instead.


I would need a couple of narrowing pads for the sides. Is there any place to get them?

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I’m not assian but I need those.

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Not that I have seen. Are you referring to the main foam or side pads?

Some folks have used peal & stick velcro to create layers to help alter the face pad. Similarly you could do the same with the side pads near the speaker mounts. Depending on thickness needed you could use Foam core board with peal n stick velcro using the original pads on top.

The op here a couple of posts up has posted a link for something that may work.

That’s not for sale. I bought a faceplate for the Valve Index, so I used the accessories that came with it.
You can use any hard sponge.
Let’s DIY.

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All you got to do is cut a bit of foam and place it on either side and you’re good to go. The box that came with Pimax 8KX has a lot of those foam. I don’t like to have the longer pieces covering the entire sides. It’s just too tight. The whole point is just to get it a bit narrow so it grab onto your face.


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