I think the display is pentile

I caught a frame in a video and I think it’s pentile

Source video: Pimax 8K through the lens - 360 video - YouTube

Due to the resolution I don’t think it’s really going to matter, but I do think that some people were wondering.

What makes you think that frame looks like pentile?

You cant see the subpixels at all.

EDIT: I guess you mean because they seem to alternate?

It might be dithering though, can’t really tell from the low quality picture.

Pentile I think usually has more overlap between rows.

If you look at the white part, you can’t really draw a straight line between rows, you need to cut some pixels in half.
( the white parts have all the subpixels turned on and the pixels in the frame are also almost white )

To be fair toms hardware I think did report it was rgb strip I think but who knows

I thought that all the LCD screens were RGB

Diagonal patterns do not imply pentile. pentile is a brand name for a number of reduced subpixel arrangements, such that there are more greens than reds or blues. If (and that’s a big if) what you’re showing is actually based on the subpixel arrangement, it may well be a staggered RGB, in which half the rows are BRG instead (pattern (c) in this image).

Have a browse through Ian Mallett’s Subpixel Zoo if you like. It doesn’t currently list that particular variant, but it’s a good starting point to understand how much subpixel arrangements vary.

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Right. Ty. So they could cut the blue sub pixels in half to make it more even but wouldn’t that still mean it was only using blue phosphorescent backlighting then? Wouldn’t that mean it isn’t actually rgb in more technical terms?

you magnified compression artifacts, eventually influenced by scaling artifacts. there is no way to tell the subpixel pattern based on a compressed HD video of a almost full 4k display with two optical lensens in the mix, not even cosidering sensor tech and picture processing of the cam…
to really tell you need a magnified section of the plain display, e.g. preferably without the lenses of the headset in the mix.

by the time the final HMDs will ship i guess Pimax will provide more details, then we know.

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Actually, this has already been discussed here. The snapshot from VR Kommando review of Pimax posted by @destraudo in the other thread Pimax 8K | Prototype Impressions & Detailed Hands-On Look - YouTube shows something which looks similar to Alternating PenTile RGBW from the link posted by @LoneTech above.

There was also a controversy about RGBW used by LG in their TV displays, where LG claimed the panels were 4K, but given the “pentile RGBW” subpixel arrangement they actually have less “full” pixels. The argument from LG was that their panels had the same number of subpixels. But the quality of the image was obviously not the same.

So there are definitely tricks used in display industry to lure the customers on the specs and then serving something else. This is also the reason, why some are so interested in subpixel arrangement of the panels used by Pimax. So far Pimax was claiming that the panels are true RGB stripe panels, so it remains to be explained what VR Kommando shot in his review.

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To me, it looks like the dithering I see on my “standard” RGB stripe LCD monitor. It might not be alternating RGB / BGR stripes.

Some monitors cannot display 8 bits / 256 shades per channel and use dithering to produce what appears to be 24 bit color, even though they only have the ability to actually display 6 bits / 64 shades per channel for 18 bit color (for example).

Toms hardware said they were rgb