I think I finally found a fix for the "Janky" SteamVR loading screens

Hi I posted this over on reddit to get some people to confirm if this works for them, but I think there is a not so hidden setting in steam vr that will get stop you getting kicked out to the steamVR dashboard during loading screens and framerate dips.

I hate it and it always made steamvr less immersive and janky to me.

please try it and let me know if it works for you, or if im just crazy.

Its also possible that you all knew this already and im a moron :slight_smile:


You are not crazy. Yes, it works great. I’ve been using this setting for quite a while, ever since I saw this mentioned (probably somewhere in this forum). However, I suspect that a lot of people don’t know this, so you’re not a moron, :slight_smile: You are sharing a tip. Thanks!


Thanks, I’ve was an oculus user exclusively for 1.5 years and whenever i went to SteamVR I would see that and It looks so terrible.
I was the primary reason I would by games on oculus over steamVR.

For 3 years i looked for a way to fix this and i stumbled across this setting while trying to get my no mans sky performance up.

It takes me right out of it whenever i am riding the elevator in raw data and it kicks out to steamVR , its so immersion breaking. I don’t know why valve doesn’t disable this be default.

It doesn’t alleviate motion sickness at all.

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It’s definitely an immersion killer.

I’m not entirely sure why the SteamVR developers felt it was necessary. It didn’t bother me too much, since I generally only saw it in Elite Dangerous during a hyperspace jump. That’s basically a loading screen with no gameplay associated with it.

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well hopefully they see my thread and realize its a bigger issue than they think.


Must be a new thing, i don’t have this option on my older Steam install.

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Yeah i dont remember seeing it before, they must have snuck it in, because they were just as annoyed by it as we are.


With regular Steam games you can also have launch with Steam Overlay, but think you use a commandline option. Nice find.

Steam often adds things & quite often doesn’t always explain changes