I still am willing to buy a pledge. I see some people want to do a chargeback

I see some people on Kickstarter wanting a refund. I seriously will purchase your pledge for the same price you bought it for. Let me know. PM me.


Could someone advise Sct0846 that it is very unwise for one to post up their email on either this or the kickstarter forums?

Not complaining, but others are not as polite as I - and in this day and age such information is often used for less than honorable purposes.



true story. I have removed it thank you

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Agreed Private Messages are best for such details.

And as they say still be cautious.

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yeah sorry about that. Kickstarter is good at not letting you chat with anyone except in the Discussion board and I see people wanting a refund on there a lot. I cannot comment on that at all because I missed out on the KS and there is no such thing as a PM on there

Indeed but thats to protect folks within the ks page itself. But with forums & such usually have options for pm.

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That makes sense and I agree.

Still important to be careful of course & ensure both sides take steps to protect their interests.

Truthfully though unless there are life changes that warrent the need to sell one’s backing. I think those who sell will regret the decision once the headsets are out.

While I like my 4k even the v2 has enough to make me yearn for the 8k even with the known issues ie ipd in v2 not working.

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Maybe Pimax should consider to do it officially somehow in the way change ownership data from person y to person x soon as person x refound person y and that is confirmed for example.

We just need some protocol for it.