I need some help - bought a Pimax 8xk, box had stickers for 8xk and 5ks, but I received a 5k Super!

I just posted this question on the Pimax Official reddit channel, but posting here. I am hoping for a quick response and resolution…

I purchased an 8Xk back at the end of March from Amazon, I did not actually try to setup the headset until today (long story, but I rebuilt my pc …new mb, cpu, ram, gpu, etc… and haven’t been playing games). I just tried downloading the PiTools today and immediately noticed the resolution was not what I expected (I had an 8XK but had problems and returned it, so I know what to expect). I just took a look at the PiTools and it identifies the headset as a 5K Super. Seriously! I just took a look at the outside of the box that the headset came in and there are 3 stickers on it - One Shows 5K Super and the other shows Pimax Vision 8 K X VR Heaset and the last sticker shows Pimax VR Model#2, Pimax 5KS. I have gotten sent a mislabeled headset! Please help me get this rectified, I can’t believe this could occur.

Nevermind, I just spoke to US support and they were very helpful. Hopefully this will get sorted out in the next couple weeks.


This why you never wait several months before testing out a headset you just bought. Could have been stuck with it once Amazon’s return policy window expired.



We suggest you to file a ticket to our support center, as the US colleague has reported your issue to the CS team. Once you create the ticket, please kindly PM us the ticket number.
We will forward to the CS team, and they will take care of your issue.


I had this issue 3 times when trying to buy lighthouse 2.0s on amazon…each time they sent me a 1.0 lighthouse instead! Each time it was in a 2.0 box as well, someone was deliberately doing it.

Try check the item you purchase as you get them. You don’t want to be surprised getting a bar of soap instead of a high end piece of tech!

Yep! I mean, I did open up the box and it looked like an 8KX headset…I definitely didn’t plan to not plug it in for 2 months, I just had too many other obligations that kept on getting in the way of fun time!

Hello, I have replied your ticket. We will solve this problem for you asap.Looking forward to your reply.

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