I need Pimax users to contribute to FOV database! Show them how ahead Pimax is :D

Hello all, I’ve recently created a tool for measuring FOV and text-readability of a VR headset. The tool automatically uploads the result and sends it to database. So please, download the tool and get your hardware tested. I’ve already done 5K+ and 8KX, but please retest after me, the more the better result. If you have original 8K, Artisan or anything else not listed, i literally beg you to test it :slight_smile:

EDIT: Link Fixed!


Just an FYI. You’re not the first one to get that idea:


Maybe You and @risa2000 should join forces?

hmdq tool:



I have fixed the link to the database.


Whoa nice!! even that my idea is slightly different, we’re measuring the perceived FOV, not some theoretical maximum. But I guess joining the 2 databases will be awesome. @risa2000 do you hear me? :slight_smile:


Is there a link to your current database collection?

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It seems like too much difference between 5k+ and 8kX horizontal FOV, as they are supposed to be same. Was large FOV really selected/active on 5k+ I wonder.

Also text readability higher on 5k+ than 8kX? Something does not compute, maybe the 8kX was in upscale mode or application rendering resolution was too low?

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Well, that’s the entire point. Those are values I’ve managed to measure, not lying. They do seem off, I agree. Which is why I need more people to download the tool and measure their headsets. Index community got it and we have about 20 measurements of Index … other communities are struggling with it…

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I would recommend adding to your Database/program the following:

  • Pimax Headsets
  1. FoV selected
  2. refresh mode (can affect fov values)
  3. if pp on or off
  4. thick or thin foam (affects perceived fov)
  5. standard og gasket or comfort kit (affects perceived fov)

Headsets like Index and Vive pro the Eye relief adjustment. As with Index was used in advert of being able to improve perceived FoV upto +20° more than other headsets.


The problem with such settings is that it does affect only Pimax headsets, the tool should be as universal as possible.

Thick and thin face foams affect all headsets.

It might be a pain to have hmd specific options like FoV and refresh options recorded but is needed for the database to be more complete with accurate info.

Thick and thin face foam is not different than headsets that have eye relief/pupil to lens adjustments affect perceived FoV. As does a user’s ipd; especially if the headset has only fixed lenses with only soft ipd adjustments.

Unfortunately if you want to compare headsets these types of factors are needed.

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