I might have to start wearing contact lenses or wear VR glasses for the 8K Plus or 8K X

I currently have a Valve Index and have prescription lens adapters attached to them. There’s been no update on lens adapters for Pimax so I think I’ll have to start wearing contact lenses or wear these VR glasses:


Contact lenses is great do i cant use that any more my Eyes are to dry :frowning:

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If you get them I would be interested to know how they fit. Just by looking at the them on the picture, I would be worried about the stability as I assume that the flexible band cannot keep their inclination fixed.

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This one works great: https://community.openmr.ai/t/pimax-5k-8k-prescription-lens-adapter/19796

The lenses are large and the lack of a frame on the sides really helps not notice that the lenses don’t cover your entire peripheral vision.


Same here… Can use contacts for max 30 minutes. I’m in hell

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I use this one too. I love it

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Do you know if these would work with the new headsets? Where are they sold?

I wonder if Pimax could answer if the new vision headsets will have the same dimensions. If so, we could pre-order these inserts and have them ready for when the headsets ship. If not, I wonder if they would release the dimensions so people could update this design for the vision headsets.

Or is Pimax developing their own? I’m not sure.

Should definitely work. I just installed them today and they work great.

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Read the linked thread, it’s an adapter you can 3D print yourself or have printed, you then buy a cheap pair of prescription glasses (like $20-40 depending on if you need high index lenses) and put those lenses in the adapter. The way it fits it should work in the new headsets, though it’s possible the comfort kit’s face pad might interfere in some way. But if it does I’m sure someone will alter the design so you can 3D print a fixed adapter.

The comfort kit is compatible with the 5k so it shouldn’t.

Disagree, the comfort kit could very well block or change the grooves just inside the facemask where this thing attaches - for all we know the face-mask part of the comfort kit attaches using the same grooves.

It snug without the face cushion. I don’t see how it possible for it to not work with the comfort kit. We will see

Korgen from here on the forum and me collaborated on this adapter, it includes a spacer to make som extra room for the “glasses” between the wearers eyes and the HMD lenses.

If you have another lens holder you prefer to use or traditional glasses there is a 3d printable spacer to fit between the foam and the HMD, another option to go for if you dont have access to a 3d printher is to make a shim using double sided velcro, there are guides for that here on the forum.

If the spacer will work for the comfort kit is anyones guess, if it just attaches via the standard velcro it should be no issue, if its a whole separate cowling i think the spacer would still fit but be missing a thickening part for the forehead bit which seems so be a part of it, that could be fixed by changing the 3d file or using the layered double velcro.

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More like $200 if you have my eyes. And then the lens wouldn’t fit in the adapter anyway.