I mean... I am a fan now! 👧💦

:woman_genie:Have to say that this VR boxing game experience was simply AMAZING! :100: It was immersive so that I was able to stay in the game training and boxing for half an hour :alarm_clock:… Got sore arms eventually but I definitely see myself doing it longer… Would love to explore a bit more of VR games like this that requires lots of movement :woman_standing: :running_woman:t6: :woman_cartwheeling:t6: :woman_playing_handball:t6: :woman_standing: :woman_superhero:, any recommendations? (the Real Cardio ones pls, lol) :pi_thumbsup:
Personally I do :dancer: La salsa cubana :dancer: as well, and would also like to know how it is like dancing in VR, or if that is even possible?? :butterfly:

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**Disclaimer: the name of this account is changed to hammerhead_gal :watermelon:, hopefully so that maybe more perspectives from ladies :woman_supervillain: :woman_supervillain: could be shared on forum too :stuck_out_tongue: **

**An awesome Wednesday everybody! **


  • Echo VR, but it requires Oculus Home software installed & FB account created & linked to it, this game is free there & apart of it you also need to install revive to play it through steam vr, I guess @Miracle can help you have it set & running if you have an interest.

It’s not the game for all, but I saw a lot of women in there which enjoy it for years, I play it since 2016 & it still doesn’t bother me, on of the most greatest fast paced VR titles available.

  • Also if you like table tennis you can try Racket Fury, it’s quite great & it has arcade mode & great AI tournament & multiplayer games as well. Elven Table is also great table tennis game though.

  • Also Pistol Whip. Nice & fun, also drains a lot of energy.

  • Racket NX

  • Archer based games also consume quite a lot of energy & make your arms stronger, you can try The Lab archer episode, which is wave based survivor casual nice game you want return to from time to time


Racket Fury LMAO! That game is a total pile of crud

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My one of the best titles, I play more than year on Quest & other HMDs


Thanks!I ll definitely look at Echo VR.
I am a real-life pingpong player, and have tried pingpong in VR a couple of times before and it’s realistic. I mean the technics in real-life pingpong like sidespin, backspin, stroke, chop etc. can be used in VR as well, which is truly impressive. Pistol Whip, yep it’s a good one for exercises tool. Will try the archer based ones too :stuck_out_tongue: thanks!!!


Full body tracking allows users to do this:


And you sweat like a cat…

Well it beats running on a treadmill!

Interesting! Can I have two trackers bind on legs and two controllers in hands to achieve full body tracking?

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You can pair as many as you want, some people use a belt too.


Actually 16 devices is the limit. 1 HMD, 2 controllers, 2 base stations and 9 VIVE trackers.


Which games actually benefit from trackers?

Some social VR apps like VRChat and NeosVR.

Here is a list:



V-tubers make use of it too, also hand tracking:

Is it possible to play EchoVR solo? The description mentions bots, but can you play with and against bots only?

yes, you can ghost all in lobby to not see & hear any players & at matchmaking terminal you need to select AI (small rectangle with “AI” at bottom in center of terminal). And there are options coop - which mean if there are any player or you are in party you will play against bots, or solo vs bots (the other option) on the next step once you pressed AI.

Difficulty for lowest setting is really for newcomers & you can play 10 minutes in afk without a single goal made by bots, so it really helps to improve your skills & get comfort in gameplay & try different stuff in the play area.

Hardest mode is good & for experienced users, but eventually you will find that only real player can do interesting & dynamic matches, on top level (50) with player which have 2000+ games it really gets interesting, but it’s up to your preferences, bots are enough to get fun of this game as well.

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3 trackers is enough for really good full body tracking, one on the hip & 2 on the foots. it automatically quite precisely analyse you movements & place legs knees in a right position the same as for your hands with only 2 tracking points (controllers)

In VRchat there is society of dancers which enjoy dancing together in clubs etc


Omotea is definitly the best BeatSaber dancer.

@hammerhead_gal Trackers at ankles and waist is already very good. :+1:

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Her videos are great and convinced me to buy into full body tracking.