I just received my 8kx and can't get the optics right (solved with ipd hardware mod)


I’m at a loss. I just received my 8kx headset and can clearly see potential in it but I can’t get the image sharp. I’ve crawled through every guide I can find in these forums and experimented for 3 days now but I can’t get it right. Here are the most noteworthy things:

  1. The default software IPD setting (in Pitool beta latest) of 0 is perfect for me. Anything else and I become nauseous ridiculously fast. I experimented with increments of 0.1 at a time (using latest pitool beta) When I take the headset off and on very fast, fixating on an object fast switching beteen reality and VR is not a problem and no adjustment is needed. This to me is a clear indication that the software IPD is perfect for me.

  2. Initial blur problems where all solved once I found out I really have to press the headset against my face and allow my eyes to go as deep into it as possible since there’s like a very precise sweetspot. So we’re not talking at that level of blurriness here anymore.

  3. The default hardware IPD of 64 was disaster for me. I can feel my brain go nuts somehow because of this. When I lower it I feel it becomes truly better and just when I feel I’m getting close to where I need this setting to be I realize I can’t lower it any further because this setting of 60 seems to be the lower limit ! I feel I need to dial further till around 58 or something.

  4. With software IPD at 0 and hardware at lowest value of 60: When I position the headset in dead center and close 1 eye at a time it’s slightly blurry because I can feel that my eye is not looking through the lenses sweet spot, it’s center. If I move the headset slightly to the left to match that lense center to my right eye I can suddenly see crystal clear with my right eye. But when I then close my right eye and look with the left (with the headset still in this position) my left eye sees blurry. If I then position the headset slightly more to the right to match the lens center to my left eye my left eye suddenly sees everything crystal clear but when switching eye again in this position my right eye now sees blurry !

No matter what I try there is no position or setting that allows both of my eyes to look through the center at the same time. It litteraly feels as if the lenses clarity zone (center sweetspot) are too far apart from each other, even at the lowest IPD hardware setting. I also have a Valve Index, Quest 2, Vive Pro, and never had this issue with any of them.

What can I do to solve this ? Thanks in advance

Hi! I am afraid, this can not be solved. For me too it is impossible to have both eyes in the sweetspot. BUT: I am satisfied enough by setting IPD to not feel any eye strain and still having one/my dominant eye in the sweet spot. After a while your brain prefers the sharper image and somehow ignores the blurier one and overall image appearance is sharper than in the beginning - my brain at least does/did that. please try that and write if the experience did get better over time. I hope it will! cheers!


I’m just gonna ask the obvious first. have you measured your own ipd? I mean if it’s far outside what the 8kx is capable of then it will be troublesome.

Also you can try to move the headset a little up or down in the blurry side just in case you need a slight vertical offset.

You need to list your ipd but in general the only way you can fix this is by doing an extreme ipd mod that will void your warranty. At 60 reported the lens sweet spot center is around 65-66mm so you can only ever get one side in focus if you are under 64-65ipd. After I did the mod(Google it) I have a nice sharp image at 63.5ipd with both eyes in the center of the sweet spot


Yep same here, IPD 64 but headset set to 60 was not low enough, extra spacing made it worse, and I wear glasses so could not get closer without severe pain. Sold my headset as there was simply no solution.

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I had similar problems with my 8k+. I could only play for 1 hour at a time and it was very exhausting. With pitool version you can adjust the ipd offset for each eye individually. after some time i found the optimal setting for me. Now i can play for several hours without problems

Download link - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OL5kNU4CehXc1t6BNpRqsLTL9WoV7W3-/view?usp=sharing

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hey yes. I have about 63.8 and in all my other headsets I’m indeed always at middle or just below.

oh I didn’t know that 60 is not real 60ipd in real but 65-66. That explains !

In that case the extreme mod is my last hope. However I just checked it out and it’ looks really risky indeed. Pfff :frowning:


hey, I have already been using the latest beta tool which does not only allow to set software ipd for both eyes separately but in addition also in increments of only 0.1 instead of 0.5. However none of that helped as I wrote in my initial post.

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Edit: sorry Profundido didn’t read your post exactly

I had tryed thousands differnt setting. But know this are my perfect settings. btw. I use my 8k+ since March an since a few weeks it works as I wanted

This probably helps you because you have asymmetrical ipd, some of us are almost perfectly symmetrical so this tip doesn’t help

Either that or the headsets have been made asymmetrical, but then that could lead to a whole host of other issues

I suggest trying a different foam. I use this one from vrcover. Samsung Odyssey Plus PU Foam Replacement - VR Cover

This will give you a bit more distance to the lenses as well as take pressure off your nose. I suggest it to anyone with a Pimax. I bought this for the 5k xr and they give you two, so when I received the 8kx I still had a new one to use.

I think you will have success with this as I am using it with a 61 ipd and I set the pimax headset to 61.4 with the wheel and I have not yet tried to use any software adjustments.


I had the same problem. Switching the X Comfort Kit cowling to the 5k+ one worked for me, combined with thicker foam. Can’t say it will work for you of course, everyone is different:



Unfortunately what you describe in the items 3 and 4 of your post is a good summary of what my experience is. My IPD happens to be 64 (32 left & 32 right eye) and indeed I was left wanting to dial the hardware IPD down further than 60 as it steadily improved the lower I went. I have the feeling I cannot quite focus on the objects in the picture, or the convergence is somehow off, so that I am left with a cross-eyed sensation and when getting out of VR with the 8KX, I will notice that my eyes need to acclimatize to the real world because they had adapted to the cross-eyed view.

My conclusion after having tried many adjustment approaches is that I will not be able to get rid off these issues. On the small “inner” sweet spot issue, I fear that is simply down to the fact that if you dial the hardware IPD all the way down to 60, and then take a measuring stick to see how wide apart the centers of the lenses (i.e. the center of the fresnel rings per lens) are, you will find them to be some 67 mm apart - so our IPD is 3 mm too narrow to be able to look through this clear center of both lenses at the same time. Not much we can do to resolve this issue.

But I did get some benefit for the convergence issue out of playing around with the software IPD (both horizontal and vertical). But it is really tedious work as it tires the eyes very quickly.

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I also think it might depend on the foam. Either this or manufacturing tolerances with the lenses. My first 8iX (that had to be replaced because of issues in 118 Hz mode) had the thick foam. And there the sweetspot was at about 64 for me (I have an IPD of 64). With the new one I have the thin foam. And have to set the hardware IPD to 60 to get a sharp picture and counteract with software IPD. Setting it to 4 doesn’t work for me, for some reason +2 on both eyes is not bad.
Looking forward to the IPD screen in Pimax Experience. Setting up IPD is unfortunately nontrivial for Pimax headsets - and so important for a good experience!

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Thanks for the hint! Might be worth to give this a try. So the Samsung Odyssey Plus one fits for 8kX? Do you experience any side effects like more distortions when using the thicker foam?

I tried positioning the headset a bit further from my face in all positions in increments of mm but it only gets worse. MUCH worse ! I clearly feel the 3D vision of the far outer sides completely dissappearing when I do it. Like you’re moving out of the immersion and see even more of the binocular overlap I’m experiencing in all positions.

I determined after some more testing that it’s really only the hardware IPD which leaves me with the brutal choice of either accepting the flaw or doing the extreme ipd mod :frowning: Pimax dropped the ball on this imho as so many people seem to report the same problem.


For this reason no extra foam will help with this matter unfortunately. Thx for the suggestion of it anyway.


Just retested: it’s symmetrical in my case.

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If you move further back a reduction of FoV is unavoidable. (In the outer edges you only have parallax based 3d vision anyways). Think some might be willing to trade some FoV for more ergonomic sweetspot, so I wouldn’t generally say that this won’t help.
If the IPD is slightly off then the effect should get more pronounced when getting closer. Just imagine rays from your pupils to the sweetspot of the lense and move the head back and forth. The closer the head gets to the lenses the bigger the angle between the rays should get if the pupils weren’t absolutely parallel to the lense sweetspots in the beginning. So it is highly plausible for me that the thickness of the foam can have an impact.

Problem with more distance might be distortion though. So some experimentation might be needed. It’s a pity that Pimax didn’t provide both foams with the 8kX as initially promised. (My replacement 8kX also only came with one foam again…). Could imagine that the thick foam might be better for people with IPDs <= 64mm.

Sorry to hear. Btw my suggestion was not just to switch foam, but to change the plastic cowling combined with foam.

I suggest it only because I tried everything else and nothing else worked. But now it’s OK. Otherwise I would probably given up, sold it, and bought an Index.