I heard in about a month the pimax artisan will also get the new blue housing?

So can you give us some more information please.
Maybe its somewhere on the forum that i didnt read?

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Hi John,

Not sure if the blue housing is same as the blue coating? I thought the more expensive Vision series was a black housing covered in the blue special coating (but could well be wrong). The last I heard it was confirmed by PimaxUSA in the below thread below it won’t get the ‘special coating’?

" Just two editions of the Artisan.

  1. The regular Artisan (headset only) is a drop in replacement for an OG Vive and Vive Pro. It does get the comfort kit and an improved cloth strap but not the special coatings or the MAS.
  2. The Artisan bundle which includes the headset (with comfort kit), the audio headphone headstrap and NOLO base station with 2 controllers. This also does not include special coatings or MAS. (You could replace the audio headstrap with the MAS later as the headset is compatible with that)."


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thx for your reply,

But this is not fair for people who already recieved their artisan and now they are gonne change the housing in about a month or so(inside information)

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So @PimaxQuorra @SweViver tell us more about this please,we need a honest answer…

Im awaiting a response from the team, regarding this.

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So any news?And what happens to the people who have gotten the old housings?

Ask also if Pimax Sword will be blue

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Didn’t Kevin (Pimax USA) answer this a while back?

I think Kevin mentioned the ruggedized blue coating won’t be on Artisan as it’s reserved for the top models, but, the plastic housing quality will improve.

The quality has improved dramatically on all the housings and yes I’ve mentioned numerous times that the Vision series are the only ones that get the ruggedized housing.

That said there was an instance where we had a shortage of the new black housings and used some ruggedized blue ones on some 5K+, so some people received a “surprise” upgrade.


Not sure if these kinds of surprises are always a good thing…


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