I guess pimax 5k+ may setting the less contrast?

While I am not success to set my vive brightness by disable direct mode last time because it can’t track the headset.

But when I try to use vive after using pimax again, I found that the display is dark, but it still can move the head. So I try to set room again and try to adjust the brightness by Nvidia Control panel.

Now I success to set brightness for the vive and can play game (but may have issue in some game and not sure about performance).

When I try to set to brightness in Lucky tale, I found that if the contrast is too low, it will have some white around the screen. And yesterday I test Titanic VR by pimax, it is the same.

So I think that may the pimax 5k+ has wrong contrast in the dark game.
I still not try low brightness because version 95 has issue and I have to use version 91 instead.

I think it will be great when pimax allow to set brightness and contrast soon.


yes it needs contrast and color settings