I found the reason of EYESTRAIN with Pimax and the solution... (TL;DR: The vanishing point)

Hi everyone!

It was a long time, but I fell obsessed with the eyestrain Pimax problem… I was working to solve it, all this time, and I didn’t find nothing.

Then, I tried the last Pimax Tool with the Screen Vertical Offset.

First, I was trying with values of only one eye… and then, I thought of something… Is the VANISHING POINT in the Pimax correct?

Ok, I supponse that… yes. But then, I test my real environment. I tried architectural methods, to calculate the vanishing point. I searched the real horizon through my windows. And finally I used an app called Morpholio, to search the vanishing point of my house with AR.

The three methods gave me the same result, in the same position. Then, I tried in this position the Pimax.

What was my surprise to discover that it was much more above. And It can’t be possible.

Then, I found that with +2 in both L/R values, for the screen vertical offset, the vanishing point now is in the real position must be.


I tried with my Quest, Vive, Odyssey… all of them have the correct position of Vanishing Point, and now my Pimax too.

Now, I can move my IPD a long range, and my eyes are all the time without the strain. You can try there values, or… you can do the same test to search your perfect values, because it’s possible something change this value (software or hardware) for each user.

To know the reason of the eyestrain, is because we were using the Pimax like we were inside a giant ball, and not over a plane (Is the Earth flat? hahaha) or on a massive ball. We were INSIDE this, but very subtle, but enought to force our eyes to an impossible scenario.

I hope you have lucky! NOW I CAN USE MY PIMAX!!!


So try +2 vertical offset on both eyes? I will see what effect I get; but definitely need some to try it whom have reported eyestrain. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


That’s interesting. I have no eyestrain when I play. I wonder if your suggestion will improve things further or make them worse for me? I also wonder if this might improve the slight straight-ahead blur.

I just though of another possibility: I have my headset tilted slightly upwards; I wonder if that would have a similar effect to moving the vertical offset upwards.


I’m currently using -0.5 on both eyes which seems to make image a little bit clearer.

I used text readability in Alien Isolation for tweaking.

Trial and error.

Maybe I should try the Real-O-Virtual tool and see if there’s anything useful for finding the right setting… :wink:


I’ll have to try this. My newly arrived 5kXR is terrible right now and after playing for an hour my eyes hurt like they never have before from VR.

:uk: π5k+


Use the IPD offset. Move it down until your eyes relax through the range. Going up will pull the focal point toward you and sharpen things up/accentuate 3 dimensionality, and down will push it out and soften it up/relax your eye.

The slider works ‘live’ too.

Have a play till you find a setting that works for you.

Thanks for the tip I’ll play around later when I get home.

To be frank, it sounds to me like OP (…much like the near-far-convergence crowd…) is compensating for wearing the headset either too high on his head, or tilted (EDIT: reversed the following paragraph) up (e.g. prominent cheekbones and deep brow, perhaps), by means of shifting the image around on the screen, instead of attacking the actual source of the problem, by adjusting the fit to the right vertical position and pitch, which, to be fair, the headset has no built-in mechanical provisions for.

Then again, I know only of the term “vanishing point” in the sense of the conflux point you might use in perspective drawing, so I am sure I am missing something here.
If he is looking down a barrel, in virtual space, and the axis of that barrel indeed does not align with the Y plane from the centre of screen, to that of the lens, then I guess Pimax have indeed not got things aligned to begin with…


That’s the only “vanishing point” I know of. If I get to play tonight, I’ll experiment with vertical alignment settings.

I didn’t play last night, instead, I spent a couple of hours trying to track down why I couldn’t play a new game in VR. Sometimes it’s a real pain being on the bleeding edge.


So the hardware IPD you use is your real ipd and the software ipd offset is set to 0?
Just by tweaking the vertical offset made the difference?

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Yes, but my “real NEAR IPD”. Not the far IPD.

I tried changing the offset, but every time it get worse. Almost with the screen vertical value changed.

Now… I have a little eyestrain in my right eye, because I need to move the lens a bit to the left, individually. And possibly the right screen too.

I think we need three more things in Pitool:
-IPD screen not over the image, in the way we can change the value and see the effect in front of you.
-IPD individual change for only one eye.
-The option to change parameters INSIDE the VR. Because is a mess to change every parameter in the panel and then try it, and you forget what you saw to compare.

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Interesting. How do you calculate the vanishing point?

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Curious, Is it possible that most people dont even realize that they are getting eyestrained and just didnt know it?


Quite possible. Have to really use a mirror after playung for a time to check for redness & such.

Our Canadian cannabis may skew that result. :grinning:


Anyone tried this yet?

I think that some people are just more tolerant.

I have painful eye issues (mostly with bright light). I have had absolutely no issues playing in VR for 5+ hours (continuous, no breaks), yet I’ve set the new vertical offsets to +5.5 and +10. I played Assetto Corsa for over an hour with those new settings and didn’t have any eyestrain either.

Possible reasons: I’m quite near-sighted. I don’t wear my glasses in VR. Normally, I wear multi-focal (progressive) lenses. That was way harder to get used to than VR. The adaptations required to wear glasses may help adapt to VR.


True just apparently make sure you buy the RE or you might have that Vapor chimney guy’s problem.

Though think ppl jumped on him a bit much as the test pics long ago showed a moiture testing.

Where is the vertical offset in Pitool? I see horizontal offset but no vertical. I’m using

thats the “Pimax Experience” . What game is it? Id like the heads up.

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