I Finaly Found A Good Set Of Lens Inserts For My Pimax Headsets - VR Rock Prescription Lenses Review

I have been looking for a few years now for a good set of prescription lens inserts for my Pimax headsets but sadly untill now I had never found any that were worth the money. Well I am happy to say that VR Rock sells Pimax lens inserts and they are GREAT!!!

These inserts fit very nicely in the headsets facemask and the clarity is on par with my current every day glasses. I was worried at first because the VR Rock lenses were not as wide as the lenses in my Pimax headsets and I thought that might lead to a bit of distortion in the peripheral, where it would go from clear to blurry, but I am glad to report this is not the case! I honestly can’t tell much difference in the visual quality than when I wear my normal glasses in the headset… Where I can for sure tell the difference is in the comfort of not having the frames of my glasses smashed into my face and temples.

Overall, I am pleased with these lenses and would reccommend them to any sight challenged Pimax user. If you want to learn more or make a purchase you can grab a pair from the link below.

VR rock also sells lenses for all the other major VR headsets and if these are any indication I have no doubt the others will be a quality product as well.

VR Rock Pimax Lenses:

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Pimax headset:

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I’m waiting for my VR Rock prescription lenses to arrive.

I bought this lens holder (UPDATED Pimax 8K X Prescription Lens Adapter NEW Option - Etsy 2&organic_search_click=1) a few months before, but in the previous version, where the rim for the lenses had a round shape (each person has to have their optician make the lenses and insert them into the rim), but unfortunately the experience was not the better for two reasons:

1 - When using the VR helmet, at least with the Pimax 8KX thicker face cushion, it is sometimes possible to see the rim that supports the lenses (maybe with this new model this is no longer the case).

2 - The lens holder is not very secure in place and it is difficult to place it so that it is parallel to the VR helmet lenses, but without touching these same lenses.

That’s why I ordered these prescription lenses from Vr Rock a few days ago, as I was not satisfied with my current solution.

An important detail that I have already verified with the use of glasses is that the lenses with anti-reflection protection allow a more vivid image, with greater contrast between colors.

Another detail is that progressive lens glasses are not a good solution for use in VR. The lenses must have only one graduation. I use it’s graduation to see in the distance.

What’s weird is my VR Rock lenses are 2 individual lenses and not one unit like yours.

They now offer both versions. My lenses are separate, too: they didn’t have the single piece available when I ordered mine a couple of months ago. I do recommend the new version with the single piece over the discrete lenses as the discrete lenses can move around a bit (although I don’t notice any shifting).

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