I finally got my 8kx rma and recieved my basestations and now I cant connect them

Which tutorial? (charcharchar)

I didnt have this error but thought Id try it.

While this is an interesting piece of information, it seems to be dealing with v1 lighthouses, as it mentions modes A and B.

How did you set up your base stations? Did you mount them on the wall or are they on the base stands? What is their height from the floor, and distance between both stations? I had same problem as you did, I had my stations on the walls thinking it would work, however after getting stands for them and moving them closer they work fine now. Make sure they are diagonal from each other and within distance.

According to the log snippet (which I posted above) one of the @B-Tech base stations is missing factory calibration data. I doubt you had the same problem as he has.

I moved them arouns multiple times, still doesnt work

Nice to know someone is getting the product they paid for. I still don’t have my controllers or lighthouses and the deluxe headphones I bought. Got the standard headset about 2 months or more ago. I ended up spending about $1,000 or more buying lighthouses and index controllers from HTC Valve

how long did RMA take to get to you?

hey B-tech:
If you need any help, please contact customer service and submit a ticket they will do that for you.
And then give me the ticket number,I will push forward it for you, please rest assured, sorry again。

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about 5-6 weeks it took

Ive already had the same ticket for weeks its 7837

hey bro:
I have checked for you that the controller has been shipped: number: 3988 7051 7152 (FedEx)
And we will exchange basestation for you. I think customer service will contact you

I have recieved the controller but cant use it when my 8kx and basestations dont work…

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