I cannot buy eyetracker on backer store

I tried to buy eyetracker on backer store because I have coupon but It didn’t work.

I tried to add to cart but it failed every time with all browsers.

I think they know.

It’s Friday 10:30pm over there, so the question is whether anybody can even do anything about it.

I suggest opening a support ticket with your KS details and your coupon. Chances are, the support issue tracking system will be just as swamped as the forums, but, assuming it works, at least the issues are tracked. If they are at all willing and able to make this right, they’ll wind up there anyway.

They should have dispatched the first 200 units through backer-only support tickets from the start, and said right away when and how much in batch 2. But then, who knows when the first 200 will ship?

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Same here. I get the following error. Also my discount code is invalid when trying to purchase from the Pimax store.

403: Forbidden

The page you were looking for could not be authorized.

Maybe you were looking for one of these popular pages ?


I have the same problem, can’t put it in the Cart. But the regular Pimax Store does let you put it in the Cart and check out if your willing to give up your backer discount and pay $229.00 for it.

I just tried again and it says: Temporarily out of stock. This sounds like a scam to make us buy it on the regular Pimax Store. I spent 3 hours trying to get it to work and now it’s out of stock??
Once again, Backers treated like dirt.

It’s not a scam, it’s just disorganised.

Obviously Kickstarter backers use the backer store and save $100 with the discount code. Without the backer store, then naturally the price is far higher which is fair as it’s expected.

What’s unfortunately happened is Eye Tracking on the backer store “sold out” because there’s a limited number of Eye Tracking module units available (as feared) to Pimax at the reduced price from 7invensun and now everyone bought them and there’s none left as accessing Eye Tracking, bizarrely, appears not to have been offered to backers first.

So it appears non backers physically bought the Eye Tracking module stock up (without discount) and screwed the backers over in the process.

Hopefully it can be fixed or the 8K-X backers waiting for their headsets will have to wait and when available will now have to pay more shipping.


Fixed it. This was predictable, predicted, avoidable.

What really pisses me off that a Pre-Order for USD 229 works right away.
Backers can’t even get in line.


That wouldn’t be disorganised, that would be idiotic. :roll_eyes:#

Edit: Kevin said that’s wrong @Navi_8K. We will be able to use our backers’ codes even if we miss the first 200 units.

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I set my alarm clock to 2 p.m. that is Beijing time 8pm. I tried to order the eye tracking module as BacKer for three hours, but due to the overload I had no chance. Now it is sold out and who knows when it is possible to start the fight again. I have strong nerves but I’m slowly giving up

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Why am I not surprised…


Why Pimax is keeping pissing backers off is beyond my comprehension. We are the people who believed in them and helped them bring their great products on the market. Why cheat on us each and every time?! (the delays, the lies) I know the Chinese culture and business is different from western habits but come on!!! I kept silent until now but really I can’t accept anything anymore… :frowning: I waited months to order a 8KX + eye tracking package and I am now left with nothing but frustration…


Wait, are you saying there were only 200 available for discounted purchase? As in, the discount coupons are no longer applicable?

No, Kevin (PimaxUSA) just said in the other thread that you will be able to use the discount code even if you miss the first 200 units as a backer!


@JoCool Let them be afraid!

Everyone understands what they want anyway … ^^

Can not buy eyetracker on backer store or regular store and will not allow me to update my new address i have given them atleast twice before and even have had my New Pimax Vision 8kX already delivered to my new current address yet for some reason the stores still have my old address.

Recieve this when trying to update to purchase the eyetracker and use my codes.

error message

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Just buy it a little later …

Or quickly open another 10 tickets …
The support is boring again.

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No i definitely do not want to clog their system. I have only had 2 tickets created for address change somewhat important and 2X 10m cables i had ordered that they have already addressed. Will try later though but unsure how just trying later is going to solve my address change issue maybe it will who knows.


Out of Stock!! What the …!!!

Roughly 3 times the stock will be made available again next week. Team says the page will be able to handle more traffic then as well.



Maybe Kevin can get a tech support individual to fix the website then, as it says out of stock.

I guess it’s not that hard to fix.

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Is there any news about the Backers discount for those who gave away the eye tracking coupon ($50). Shouldn’t the price for Backers without a coupon be $150 instead of $199?