I bought for cheap a old vive pro again for fun,o boy what do i miss oled in the new vr headsets

So i bought a cheap vive pro to see for the fun the oled colors again…

Man what do i miss that oled in the current vr headsets… Of course the screendoor is bad in the vive pro i know that ofcourse…

But the oled colors do bring some extra immersion for sure .
What funny is that i like this unit more as the vive pro 2(wich i ofcourse sold,didnt like it at all).

I found the godrays somehow better(less) then on the vive pro 2.
I even found it sharper in the distance somehow.

So i do for the fun someday also the gear vr lensmod. And use it sometimes wireless besides my other headsets…

But damm i want oled back with a good resolution…the blacks and colors add alot for immersion!


Yeah, a friend of mine picked up a Samsung Odyssey used as his first pcvr headset, and the resolution and colors are so good it makes you wonder.

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I still use my Samsung Odyssey, same display. Also the the 3d effect is better than the Pimax, for me at least

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I gave away my Samsung Odyssey plus, I wish I kept it. But I still have the OG and love it also


After some more games,we realy need oled back it brings so much more immersion because off the colors,brightness and blacks…(besides the resolution ofcourse on the vive pro lol)

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This is why, that Apara Headset has me super curious.


Me too… i am very curious

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