I bought a quest 2 again just for fun and to compare with the pimax 8kx..Am i going crazy what i see?

I had a quest 2 a long time ago.yesterday i bought a quest 2 again…

But this is not how i remember it…

Or am i going crazy …But i like the colors and picture quality more on the quest 2 then on my pimax 8kx…

Is it me or???Better colors and clarity on the quest 2??

Very strange…

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i too have had 2 quest 2’s, i bought my 2nd just recently after my varjo aero was refunded after receiving 2 faulty aero’s and losing faith in varjo. i agree the q2’s display is very good. clarity, colours are good. sweetspot is large. excellent binocular overlap.

now i don’t know if it’s better than an 8kx, its been a while since i had an 8kx. the ppd’s are very similar. the 8kx’s fov is obviously much better. i think the colours out of the box on the q2 are better but then again the 8kx’s can be fine tuned.

playing without a cable is just so much better. i have a kiwi cable system but wireless vr gaming still knocks spots of it, so much freedom.

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Do u use virtual desktop?,and may i ask what settings on virtual desktop

I have a Quest 2 as well. It does have good colors and picture quality, but in my opinion, not equal to the 8KX.

I use objective measures of clarity such as an eye chart world in VRChat. And this is where I can really see just how good the 8KX is versus the Index and Quest 2 that I also own.

Without this kind of objective test, the Quest 2 can seem better than it actually is.

The thing about the Quest 2 is that it has a good high resolution display, but it doesn’t have the processing power to drive it to its full potential. Not even when running over a PC link.

The 8KX, on the other hand, isn’t that great “out of the box” and needs to be dialed in well to bring out its potential. If the display on your Quest 2 seems better to you, perhaps you need to work on your 8KX’s setup.

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Sorry I’m not sure, I have VD but I use Air Link as I think it gives good results with less tinkering needed, I use the “fixed” bitrate option at the max allowed (200Mbps).

You are not going crazy. The Quest 2 has one of the best implementations of backlight strobing on any LCD. Its motion picture response time is less than 1ms, because its so well tuned. The pulse duration on its backlight is 0.3ms. So, even though the panel has less resolution than 8K-X it gives the perception of higher resolution because it handles motion better than just about any LCD, and you would only see a difference side by side.

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its really good. the compression artifacts on busier scenes is the only real downside regarding the picture for pcvr