Hzs modes and SS without restarting the game, Brightness slider, SteamVR Update

Dear Pimax team, can we have a brightness slider on Pitool? Just like the last SteamVR update for the Index.
It goes from 20% to 140% and makes a huge diference in some games.
Instead of Low, Normal and High, where I can barely see any difference.
Thank you,


Edit;; aparently it also changes the backlight, when you set it o 20 on a dark scene, it becomes full black

Plus, now I can see the supersampling settings in real time, without having to restart SteamVR

And you can switch between all the Hzs modes without restarting any Game, App and SteamVR. It only blinks for a second.


A long time ago you could activate a higher maximum value by console command. I would like this option in pitool, i.e. a “very high” or similar.



I think that this is a great idea.

Maybe in addition Pitool should have a slider for color saturation. The colors in my Pimax5k + are really dull when playing in 120 hz mode. My Index has much better colors, so why shouldn’t the Pimax have brilliant colors as well?


Hi Mikconcept,

Thanks for your suggestion! I will pass your idea to our team~