HTC working with Nvidia on fovated rendering with eye tracking

According to NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang Twitch

They are going to announce today at 1pm PST

This could be great. this could make it easier for Pimax to do the same with their eye tracking modules


HTC can fuck off. As long their customer support is non-existent, screw them, they can die as a company and go bankruptcy faster. They really should take lessons from Pimax in customer support area.


Take lessons from pimax???.. Talk about the blind leading the blind


While the support is bad, and Pro is way over priced, its good to see an HMD manufacturer trying to bring fovated rendering to reality. Working with Nvvdia could open this up to other HMDs (hopefully they have something on the driver level so games do not need to be specificity coded for it)


I’d rather get Oculus, than ever supporting HTC again!

Oculus is owned by facebook, Dont think you want an HMD produced by facebook.


That uses cameras for tracking that can be used to capture black and white photos. Yes one person managed it!! :slight_smile:

Yes i do, and i had one! Was way better than my Vive tbh. More polished, the software, the controllers, less screen door effect and WAY lighter. Literally i could use the Rift for BoxVR and other fitness apps hours and hours without any discomfort, with Vive 20mins and i was sweating and discomfort because of the weight and too much PLASTIC built in.

So yeah, I’d take Oculus any day over HTC.

PS: I have an Oculus GO and will buy the Oculus Quest aswell.

Oh and I’d support Oculus any day than HTC, they really had high polished games like Lone Echo for instance which was the best experience in my entire life, i laughed, i cried, literally was the most immersive game ever.
What HTC gives us? Shit games, high prices and bad support.


Do you know facebook? The company that tracks everything about you and sells it to the highest bidder?


Oh please, I’m really sick of such paranoia. We’re tracked everyday mate. Get used with the ideea. Stop making it much bigger deal than it already is with Facebook.

This drama…it kills me.

You should be really thankful to Facebook, so much money invested into Oculus, games, polished software, research departments and so on. At least they have decent prices to bring more people into VR. Look how many bought a Rift of Xmas than an expensive garbage like Vive.

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HTC VIVE PRO EYE integrates eye tracking natively & will offer greater accessibility, gaze-oriented menu navigation & removing the need for controllers.
will allow businesses to make better training simulations, improve how computing resources are used & implement new tech paradigms altogether.

O’brien says that the headset will take advantage of NVIDIA’s variable rate shading feature in the RTX GPU’s to make foveated rendering even more efficient.
‘With eye tracking you can now use foveated rendering. It’ll give you increased quality directly where your eye is looking, no longer worrying about the peripheral area where you don’t need to render in high quality.’

The Vive Pro Eye will hit the market in April, according to a spokesman.


this is super interesting and as op states is great for us.


Ahahaha, another garbage XD

Vive Cosmos also announced its not an all in one. it connects to your PC or your Phone

It’s not paranoia. Facebook is a convicted criminal. Even the USA is preparing charges against it. Do you even read newspapers??


That argument is getting so old, its tiring

You cried and you didnt have to RMA your headset for water damage ?

Exactly this. When a giant like HTC is bringing eye tracking it brings it to the masses. Really great development because we NEED foveated rendering and we also need dynamic distortion correction. Like it or not but this is HTC pushing VR forward and that’s great for all of us.


Nvidia is desperately seeking to gain attention by reclaiming merits they don’t really have, like advertising the “millions” of VR units sold they haven’t produced but others have… :slight_smile:

In the meantime, they lost close to 50% of their market value, that’s hundreds of millions value… LINK

And in a surrender move, they finally opened up their G-Sync expensive joke to the open Freesync standard: LINK

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Given HTC pricing tho, Vive -> Pro double cost, Pro -> Pro Eye $?? Definitely going to be only the business users who can afford that.

Still more features in the wild means more pressure on new HMD models to have improvements.
As long as Unity and Unreal support the interface between the hardware and RTX then it doesn’t cost the developers too much time to use.