HTC VIVE XR Elite preview - VR’s best chance yet

This headset does look interesting Feb 25 might have some cool reviews then.


It looks like an interesting device, I don’t see any mention of controllers in that article.

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Yeah if no controllers then the lower price to the quest pro will be moot. Though do like the sunglasses formfactor with the battery strap idea.

The XR Elite comes with Inside out controllers. Think they are the same controllers as the Vive Focus3.

I think the XR Elite is a great headset. I gave it a RoS score of 70/100.

Being able to detach the battery portion and connect your phone is a major selling point imo.

One of the few HMDs with diopter adjustment as standard.

It’s hard not to like this headset.


I don’t know…

First there is HTC itself - a company I would never think of buying a product from again, ever.

The phone connecting stuff will always be android based, therefore doesn’t interest me in the slightest.

The resolution is ok, the panel tech is dated, diopter adjustment as was explained very well by the BigScreen CEO comes with severe trade-offs in the medium run, including potential eye damage.

There are so many promising small form factor HMDs coming up that in the end, I woulnd’t choose the Elite exactly because of who manufactured and sold it - because even if it’s good, it won’t be good enough for the premium HTC slaps on it compared to market average…

Yeah I don’t thinks it’s a Enthusiast headset by any stretch that comes with Focus3 and Focus4 when it’s released.

XR Elite is for the casual VR consumer. Business types. Traveler’s. Etc.

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