Htc vive wand repair without opening disassembling

Htc vive wand repair without opening / disassembling

I bought one HTC Vive controller from Ebay (“new”), and clicking on right side of sweep-pad did not work. I saw on internet that happened to many users. It can be fix by disassembling and inserting thin part on plug inside. I didn´t want to open it, so I figured something else:
By slightly pressing left/opposite edge of sweep-pad, my right side was clickable again!!! I put a sticky tape to make a little pressure on left side, and it works perfectly. All 4 edges (and middle) are clickable. It doesn`t disturb sweeping either. 1 hour in Skyrim VR proves that :wink:

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Nice slick simple fix. Thanks for sharing. Some times the easy button makes for a decent solution just ask @Heliosurge or Red Green.
If it does eventually stop working. I’ve opened both of mine to do a battery replace moderately difficult because of the delicate ribbon cables but the touch pad fix is a bit easier.