HTC VIVE vs SAMSUNG ODYSSEY: Fallout 4 VR with Hi Res 56GB texture pack

Paco is backer of the Pimax 8K too and while he waits for it, he entertains himself with his many other headsets.

He has made a great comparison between the HTC Vive standard and the Samsung Odyssey, to get an idea of whether it is worth buying the HTC Vive Pro.

I think you will enjoy it, since it comments the filming through the lenses, both in video and in photographs.

For this video, Paco has used a rig with one nVidia GTX 1080 Ti and 32 GB of RAM.

The video is in Spanish.


Just so others know, the video is not in English

So which one looks better? Nvm it’s not the Vive Pro.

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Jugón Virtual had the chance to try the HTC Vive Pro and the Samsung Odyssey and says that images with the Odyssey are far better, because in the Vive pro you can see the lenses.

He has tested the HTC Vive Pro

And also the Samsung Odyssey

(In Spanish)

En español genial :hugs::smiley:, gracias

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So the odyssey looks better than the pro?? Wtf

they say that the lenses of the htc vive pro are the same as in the htc vive and that they have more glare than the samsung odissey

Today I read something different. New owner says that vive pro lenses are far better than orginal vive

And worse than Odyssey.

Off topic, but you can do a lens swap in the original Vive which makes a big improvement. I think the lenses in the Odyssey are the same as the GearVR.

It took me about 10 minutes to do the mod (including removing the lens from the GearVR). This is a pop out / pop in replacement and a 5 minute update to the Vive configuration. All listed in the post referenced above.

They also remind me of the ones in the PSVR in terms of the shape. I have found that some colors cause a weird chroma effect on the odyssey but mainly within the Cliffhouse have not noticed it when playing fallout 4 vr.

By the way does anyone know what card he is using? Cause that is a huge texture pack!

The Odyssey is truly the VR standard to beat right now. If you have a powerful rig to drive it then VR is truly a thing of beauty. DCS, PC2, FO4VR (heavily modded), SkyrimVR (heavily modded), ED, Pavlov, etc. All work flawlessly with the Odyssey. Having the joysticks as well as the touchpad is just icing on the cake. When Samsung comes out with a 200+ degree highres headset I will be one of the first in line to purchase it. Till then I’m good.


@Thick8 by then we will probably have not only curved OLED screens but Acer actually releasing their take on StarVR to the consumers XD