HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap Battery Mount / Counter Weight

Yesterday I finally got since 2019 Spring some time to fix my old battery problem, what I didn’t use to mount the battery to DAS & it never was satisfying enough, I found couple of months ago some nice things on thingeverse but they weren’t quite good for while partially they were ok, so I spent about 5 hours yesterday & reverse enginnered models & CADed new module for my DAS for Quest to use it as counter weight & as additional battery, I liked the design & I can quickly swap batteries if needed which is really handy + it doesn’t cause discomfort in the back pad area & can be easily unmount if needed:

Maybe for some of you it also will be helpful as I was looking for it 2 years & decided to implement it myself finally:

CAD link: Onshape