HTC just released their Trailer for the HTC Cosmos

looks like not so good to me… :smiley:


I think they are having the press conference on CES right now, but I can’t find a live stream…

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Road to VR had live blog. Its over now

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Looks like their answer to Oculus Quest, not the 140° FOV HMD we were talking about some weeks ago.

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Did they tell any specs?

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Here it is starting soon:

But it’s not live. They recorded it half an hour ago.


No Specs Here is a close up shot for some one on twitter

HTC also announced the Vive Cosmos, a new standalone VR headset with two front-facing cameras, two side-facing cameras, and a pair of handheld wands. This headset will not require outside webcams or sensors to operate, HTC promises—meaning, it will ship with what’s known as “inside-out tracking,” like the upcoming Oculus Quest. But unlike that Oculus headset, the Cosmos headset also comes with a surprising promise: that its 3D imagery can be powered by either “desktop PCs” or smartphones. Meaning, users will be able to choose an underpowered phone for use on the go, or combine the Cosmos’ wireless qualities with a more powerful gaming PC


Who cares about low cost smartphone VR? I want my Pimax :smile: