HTC Flow Discussion

More like the Oculus Go? I guess for the house, ‘maybe’ long car journey (passenger) or plane? Not for train commute.

  • Dual LCD 3.2K Total Resolution
  • 100 degree FOV
  • 75Hx Refresh
  • Per eye hardware focus
  • Built in Mic and Audio
  • XR1 Chip
  • 3Dof Phone as Controller
  • 2 Cameras on front for passthorugh

Seems like a 6DOF Oculus Go/GearVR for sure

The tech radar review is somewhat rough on it, but realistic.

EDIT: The Lynx-R1 guys just breathed a sigh of relief. :rofl:

I imagine their kickstarter numbers have alot of chances this month to go down instead of up.

We still have Oculus & Pimax announcements… (Not that I expect Pimax to blow us away or anything)


Light with pancake lenses, but I think the hope was for hi-res micro oleds instead got low-res lcds … doh!

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Well Sadly it’s Bradley will be feeling stupid today after claiming this has emagin micro OLED’S :slight_smile:


I’ve said it before, but while I think he does some good investigation and digging around, more than most do, he is insanely overoptimistic on his conclusions and how quickly he expects most of it to materialize.

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Nah, his info was spot on. But the info he got didnt mentioned resolution. He is correct regarding the industry moving to micro Oleds. The VR Aspara are using them for example. His oversight is that he gave HTC too much credit to do the right choices.


Nothing more important than health.

I agree. HTC had the chance to do something great here and completely missed the target. Love the look and lenses but the rest is a bit of a joke.


I know the feeling all to well. I have to limit my stuff to mornings or im screwed until 5 in the morning with sleep as my mind just goes crazy


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