HP Reverb Gate!

Breaking News: MALICE confirmed? Part 2. HP continues sendinf units to Christmas retail shelves, while ignoring pre-orders and dead RMA units (which are on 3+ month waiting lists for their replacements)…

TL;DR / ELI5: HP has our pre-order munny already. HP wants Christmas retail munny now. HP cares about munny a lot. HP cares about pre-orders not at all.


This just demonstrates one of the reasons I have stayed away from HP products. At one time they had great support.

A friend of mine bought a $40 HP printer. Her brother tried everything to get it work. The HP support wanted her to pay them to get it working at a cost min double the cost of the printer. When she returned it to the store and asked for a refund. They looked saw HP and no questions asked.

My old work with a commercial HP printer has spent more time on printer issues of the new printer than is reasonable.


I should get my preordered G2 finally in about a week (Switzerland). I hope they won’t be any further delays or other unpleasant surprises :crossed_fingers: I might still not be so upset after having adjusted 8kx to suit me well.


My HP laptop has been fine . Came with a year warranty and I bought a 2 year extended warranty on top of that.

I’m pretty sure I jumped the line though with the G2 because I ordered it just after the Quest 2 arrived so mid oct. and now I have one.

Pimax should sell a 2 year extended warranty. It would give us peace of mind and show us that they stand behind their products. Not to mention it would be industry leading. @PimaxUSA?

how much would you be willing to pay for piece of mind?


Personally, I will never do a pre-order anymore and it doesn’t matter from what company - hp, nvidia, pimax , index , kickastarter startups .They all fail in predictions and don’t play fair . Lesson learned in last 2 years!


Lol, well looks like Pimax has got some competition in goodwill destruction.

Now people can’t say that G2 is a better option than 8KX because ‘HP treats their customers better’.


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