HP Reverb G2 V2 Discussion

So I got eyes on a HP G2 V2 yesterday at a friends place.

My first experience with the G2V1 was not good.

I suffered from the minute sweet spot issue that some have reported and returned it.

I had even tried the 3dprinted gasket to get the lenses closer to my eyes.

So strangely I can confirm the V2 the sweet spot was much larger than before and actually pretty sharp across the whole lense.

I think the investigation MRTV did to debunk the headset manufacturing variance wasn’t a good enough test to disprove anything.

Unless HP changed the lenses themselves for the V2. I know the big change was that they brought the eyes closer.

Anyway I am also quite pleased to say I can finally close the Reverb G2 chapter because whike everything was clear I cant say for my eyes that the screen was any clearer than the 8KX.

Plus missing that gorgeous FOV it’s no contest. The audio was a bit better than the DMAS but mainly due to the horrible buzz the DMAS has. (unsolvable)

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RMA solves the buzz on the 8kX.

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Along with getting rid of the ability to upscale, change to 60, 75 hz and only have nvidia compatibility(this I’m OK with😇) too risky.


edit: Did they ever admit that it was a headset issue? I know someone on here RMA’d and said it fixed it… but no official recall.

Probably because they didn’t want to start BUZZGATE

Kind of like valve and their joystick click issue that was totally a design feature. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Because it only seems to be some 8kXs. Mine for example has no buzz. And myself personally wouldn’t switch to the new platform while it has lost compatibility and missing features. If the buzz was more common we would see widespread reports on it. That or most of us have lost hearing at that specific frequency(which is possible but not as likely).

Valve also dismissed the Black dot pattern on there screens as normal.

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