HP Reverb G2 (left) VS Pimax 8KX (right)

they are both videos. just uploaded the video on Youtube.

Unfortunately, Youtube is very slow with processing.

i uploaded it in 4K.

Youtube doesn’t show 4K.

Maybe later.




G2, 8kX, 3090…wow where are your Varjo and Xtal? ^^


And winner is…

Bonbon vs. natural colors

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You can adjust colors, contrast, brightness etc. on Pimax - potentially a quite misleading comparison.


The only thing we cant adjust is the sweetspot and clarity and mura(maybe the MURA wil be less when i have my rma ) thats a big win for the G2,only ofcourse the field off view is a big win for the 8kx…

It’s hard to conclude anything from this “comparison” as it was filmed with two different cameras by two different people but personally I prefer the 8KX picture.

Colours look better (black level/contrast too) and it doesn’t seem to have the same “haze” as the G2 does.

On top of that, You can tweak a lot of stuff on the 8KX which You can’t on the G2.

IMHO, it still boils down to:

  • Does FOV matter to You?
  • Do You want the best tracking available (You don’t need it for all kind of games)?
  • Do You want the modularity that both SteamVR tracking and Pimax in general gives You?

If not, You might as well spend a lot less (and buy a G2) and be a happy camper… :wink:


Unless @Timo.H1 has correctly calibrated monitor, comparing colors this way is useless.


Was the G2 video recorded with the recently published new image enhancements for WMR headsets?

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It’s all about resolution and sharpness.

Of course, I have set the 8KX as best as possible.

For me, the 8KX is the absolute winner.

In all points!


Wait till you see a HP reverb G2 with your own eyes,i did today… and the visuals did blow me away! The image was better then my 8kx,only the field off view is a big plus for the 8kx…

But clarity,contrast,brightness,sweetspot were amazing on the G2.
I still love the 8kx dont get me wrong,and i will get a new one(maybe that one will be better)


You have to set the 8KX correctly and you need an RTX 3090. Otherwise it won’t look as good as mine. That is clear.

Most people are not good at setting up a Pimax.

Many of them have poor hardware.


Just a thought, if your 8kx is faulty then your comparison of g2 vs 8kx might not be accurate?

I mean for example I’ve not seen mura on my 8kx, so this part I don’t know what your experience is like.


Hello i have a rtx3090 and i i9900k and 32gb thats not the problem…And set it up right .( i had all pimax headsets and many others like the star vr one,valve index etc(wich i still have by the way))

@oysta1109 it could be so i hope the next one will not have mura etc so maybe it will be better… But i think the sweetspot and eyestrain will be the same(i dont hope so) but we will see!

Sweet spot is small I can confirm, requires very accurate positioning to get the best clear picture, one of my complaint on 8kx as well

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I guess is someone really wanted to try to get to apples to apples they would need to switch the X to potato mode. Doing an A/B with the G2 Potato mode FOV is still bigger on the X. The G2 looks even smaller than my Quest 2. This really does seem to just be an “improved” reverb G1.

The tracking on my Q2 is better than the G2 as well and not good at all compared to the index or lighthouse tracking in general. LH tracking even works in the dark btw and when your controllers are near your head or below your waist.

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But the potato mode has still the small sweetspot for me and the mura and eyestrain. i hope the rma unit will be better!

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I did switch to potato mode just to relive my gen 1 experience, so far my head is compatible with 8kx I’m able to take full advantage of 8kx, I’m open to everything but I must say it would take a giant improvement on clarity for me to give up the fov, because for me fov = immersion.

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Yeah me too and it’s funny because potato mode is like 5%+ bigger than my G2.


By the way you got a g2 too … cool…
could you show us…

We have a big collection of headsets at one of our large customers including the G2 (and an old G1). I played around with it for several hours today. We bought it and a quest 2 among other headsets for testing the project. Customer wanted to see if Q2 wireless could work for their project.

Testing all this hardware has been fun stuff.