How's the eye tracking experience?

Is it comfortable? Does it reduce FOV a lot? Is it worth it? Does it give a significant boost in performance? Is it easy to use?


Can’t get it to work at all so can’t comment on of its actually worth it. Software is terrible and unreliable, calibration doesn’t work. Magnets are so weak they fall out even moving the headset. Putting it on knocks the lenses loose 9 times out of ten. They stick out so far they almost touch my eye balls.

Am I impressed? No.


All the development time that went into this eye tracker doesn’t seem to have produced a very good product. It’s definitely starting to sound like a big lemon.


The more I hear about it the more I get dehyped.


Should I cancel the eyetracking module?
Edit: refund ticket done.

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No , the eye tracking will be useful in 14 months when drivers/Software will be fixed. But right now its garbage ofc because of early adopter tech


Sweviver seemed to have it working ok when he demoed those six games.

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IIRC they said that getting the eye trackers properly integrated into PiTool is their next major focus and they are currently working on a couple beta versions.


What we did not know at the time
“…because all the kickstarter backers will get this…”
at least we still have…soon to expire best before date coupons…yeahy

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The product we received was not the product that Pimax was demonstrating.
The number of LEDs has decreased from 8 to 5 and is concentrated on one side.
Could it be that the recognition is poor because the infrared rays cannot illuminate the entire eye?
This is expected to result in poor compatibility with eye spacing and upper and lower heights.


The early prototype sure looks different then the final product, but I guess its the performance that counts, according to pimax it has been greatly improved.

Let’s see if it’s as good as pimax claims it to be. Once someone got it working right and have a test.

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the picture is very informative. the light sources are almost all on the horizontal axis. I’m curious how it will turn out. The prototype has a high level of accuracy and precision. Let’s see what Pimax wants to sell us there.

The camera looks like it scans for the reflected image of pupils so the glass needs to remain in the tracker or can it work without the glass with only lens reflection ???
looks like anyone who wants to wear glasses is screwed unless they replace the EY glass with a bespoke lens
This is just conjecture , can anyone tell me the facts ???

the 7invensun aglass htc vive eye tracker has the camera pointing towards the eye and is used without any glass insert


oof that hurts if we have another layer of glass to add glare and reduce fov and when it’s not absolutely necessary

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Has anyone tried removing the glass?

The solution without Reflexion lenses gives you a beautiful dark-red Lightshow. :smiley:

Yeah probably similar to the LeapMotion Controller LEDs but inside the headset. :wink:

Like the tracker in the StarVR.

Infrared diodes gives a nice red glow :grin:

is that true, that you cant see the IR led’s redness with the droolion pi? i would’ve thought that would be true with both, but that would be at least some kind of trade off to justify the glass