How will new US Tarrif laws affect pimax shipments

Apparently 10%+ increase by october and 25%+ by jan 2019 on imports from China

link to article

will pimax be affected? I know my rtx 2080Ti has been.

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Well, these were purchased and paid for a year ago so I’m hoping we’re “grandfathered” in.


Hope so… but customs are due based on when they enter the destination country, not at purchase…


sounds like its in pimax’s best interest to ship all of our headsets before the years up.

Had they shipped end of September as they said they would with 100 headsets those at least wouldn’t be getting hit with customs. But they didn’t so everyone in the USA is going to get charged something. I have no idea legally what the situation is, whether it is the customer’s responsibility or the companies given the money exchanged hands last year. Might be worth asking Kickstarter to find out what they think ought to happen.

Thats shit, I feel sorry :disappointed:

I believe VR equipment will not be affected by the US Tariff changes.


I hope you’re right!

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Me too… this whole situation… yeesh…

they could always assemble locally…

I’m not sure that would help. Many of the tariffs are on components and materials, not just finished goods.

This is fear mongering by the left. It won’t have any impact whatsoever.