How to use Pimax 4K to play games which are developed by Oculus SDK?

We know that many games people download from website are based on oculus sdk. But don’t know how to use Pimax 4k VR to play these games. Now I will tell you how to use Pimax 4K to play these games.
The main games which are very popular are based on oculus drivers 0,6, o.8 and ochome(above 1.3) SDK. So I will write a message about these drivers.

Attention: Games based on different SDK need different drivers. oc 0.6 and 0.8 and ochome(above 1.3) are not compatible with each other. So don’t be worry, when you meet the problem cannot start game, just change the correct version of driver is OK.

Play games with oc 0.4, 0.5, 0.6 SDK (some games don’t support win10):
1.People download games with oc 0.4, 0.5, 0.6 SDK to your pc.
2.Switch Piplay to extend mode.
3.Run games.
4.The games in extend mode will be on your monitor as a default, so you should set your Pimax as the main screen, then run your games.
Advantages:Extend mode doesn’t request your video card too much, so you still can run extend mode with low equip.
Disadvantages:Extend mode is difficult to use and your desktop icons are often in position of the chaos.

Play games with oc 0.7, 0.8 SDK:
1.Players download games with 0.7, 0.8 SDK to your pc.
2.Switch your Piplay to direct mode.
3.Run games.
Advantages: It is easy to use direct mode, and the number of games is big, the quality is much higher than extend game.
Disadvantages: Direct mode depends on video card with a highly request, and also need a correct video card driver.
Notes: Direct mode doesn’t support steam.

Play games with ochome(above1.3)
1.Download games to pc.
2.Switch Piplay to Pimax mode.
3.Start steamvr
4.Use plug-in to run ochome SDK games.

Advantages: Easy using with high quality.
Disadvantages: difficult to download, highly request video card.
Notes:Pimax mode support steam.

PiplayOCSupport_setup.exe: no need to use now


Thanks for this explanation. Very useful. I just have Extend and Pimax modes in the PiPlay pull-down. How do you switch to Direct mode?

Pimax mode is similar to direct mode.

OK, but how do I get Direct mode?

If you use AMD video card, there will be a direct mode in your Piplay. And if you use the Nvidia card, you can only use direct mode in 358-362 version of driver.

I have the Nvidia GTX 1080 with the latest Game Ready Driver version 375.95. What am I missing by not having direct mode?

Your driver version and your video card is too fresh that I am not sure you can use direct mode.

I think Pimax mode is enough which is similar to direct mode.

Yes, but could you please explain the difference between Pimax mode and Direct mode? Thank you.

The new Nvidia card drivers don’t support direct mode, if your video card driver is between 358-362 you will find there is a direct mode in your Piplay. But now steam don’t support the old direct mode, so we built a new direct mode, the Pimax mode witch is compatible with steam.

It should work without oculus home and revive patch.
Do you select oculus vr?

If you install oculus home it will bork your extended mode. Don’t do that.

I have already installed the Oculus Home and it’s work with revive injector, i play in Lucky Tales and with LibOVRWrapper 1.2 i can play all Runtime 0.7, 0.8 games over revive injector. And i have Win 7 64 and Extended Mode working too if i stop Oculus Service.
Sadly Pixel Density over OculusConfigTool not work. In deepoon E2 - its very increase quality image.

Is that guide still valid?

I’m looking for a way to launch Euro truck simulator 2 (sdk 1.4) and i dont understand do i need to install oculus home or not?

First post says: download game, switch to pimax mode, start steamvr, use plugin. But if i do that without oculus home plugin wont start, while installing oculus home might cause problems with mod switching.

Dear, this OC-plugin is useless now, because new Piplay 1.2.53 bulid-in OC support plugin, so I have edited your post and delete this mega link, avoiding any misunderstanding for newbie, please be advised.

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Sweet, thank you for clarification!