How to update pledge amount

I’m sure many people realized that they didn’t account for the right amount of shipping, or decided they want an additional controller/base station after making their original pledge.

The surveys give us the option to specify what we actually want, but I see no way to adjust the actual dollar amount we pledged originally.

I assume we will get the chance to pay the difference at some later point?

I think I remember seeing a post or something somewhere to make up for shipping price differences… Can’t’ remember where I saw it though.

I believe the pledge made is fixed. As such you can’t add extra pieces…and they would have to be purchased separately at retail price from their store.


Can we get any official word on this? I imagine there are a lot of people who didn’t have the exact amount + shipping pledged before the kick started ended. There must be some way for us to tack on additional money?

In answer to your question, There is a page on their website where you can pay the difference with credit card. Email support@pimaxvr to confirm your Kickstarter details and what payment you are making

You cannot add/remove modules. Only correct payments

Kickstarter update #16 below:

"Please make sure the total pledge covers your package, add-ons, and shipping cost. Here is the pricing list for your reference: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

For those of you that are still interested in Pimax, but haven’t been able to pay via Kickstarter, check out this link to purchase through our site so you can keep your backer spot, and still benefit from the discount of the Kickstarter price

@Pimax-Support Can you please confirm this link can be used to pay for incorrect shipping ammounts



@Davobkk @pimaxun Hi, you may make up the difference for correct shipping at this link:, and then tell me you order number and I will note it in your survey.

By the way, 8K Kickstarter campaign was closed. Please stay tuned for 8K pre-order campaign:

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