How to set a tracker never turn off

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I’m here to ask you how to fix my problem. I’m using one of my tracker(2018) as motion compensation. so it’s always connected to power.

But, when I don’t wear HMD it turns off though I set “Turn off controllers after” to Never. I want it always turn on even though I don’t wear a HMD a while.

And also when I turn my Pitool off the tracker is turning off. I want them never turn off before physically press the button or run out the battery

Is there anyway to achieve it?

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I don’t know off hand myself. But by chance are you turning lighthouses off? It might be possible that the tracker is still turning itself off or in some kind of standby mode after not receiving tracking sweeps from the Lighthouses.

As mentioned this is just a guess.

I never turn off light house

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If the tracker is connected by the radio, I believe it switches off itself once the radio is turned off on the other end. I am not sure about the USB connection.

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