How to send a PM (private message)

Note that to send a PM you must be a Basic (Level 1) User. Requirements at this time are:

  • Enter at least 5 topics
  • Read at least 30 posts
  • Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

Alternatively, you can ping a moderator (ie @Heliosurge) in a post and request to be bumped up.

Open your messages page


Send a PM to a user (PC)

Open your messages page.
Write and send your message:


Send a PM response to a post (PC)

Method 1 - Respond via Flag button

Method 2 - Responding via the post username

Method 3 - Responding to a user mentioned in a post
Step 1:

Steps 2/3: same as Method 2.


Send a PM to a user (Mobile)

To be updated


Send a PM response to a post (Mobile)

To be updated

If you want to view the message and its responses they can be found on your messages page.