How to save custom color values?

When I restart pitool, my custom value of “BLUE” color back to default.

I can save contrast and brightness but SAVE button doesn’t work when I change value of blue, red or green. Every time I have to set blue color manually.

Can I change it in the file?

pitool v.263


I tried my pitool, and it can be saved successfully. You can view the configuration file of pitool. The directory is:C:\Users\Your UserName\AppData\Roaming\PiTool\manifest\PiTool


On my 5k+ it changes colour and stays that way for the session. But when I turn it on next time reverts to the default blue.

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the solution above was to adjust values manually in the file & try to restart Pitool & see if it was kept. Not ideal but can work in your case & avoid the need to redo it every Pitool relaunch


That works :slight_smile: thank you

I don’t see a suitably named setting in Common Setting.json (which is the only file in that directory). Please share the complete setting text for the line, so I can try pasting it in. Thanks!

I will feedback and promote this improvement. Thank you for your feedback. I have recorded it.

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“brightnessleft”: -0.05999999865889549,
“brightnessleft_B”: -0.05999999865889549,
“brightnessleft_G”: -0.05999999865889549,
“brightnessleft_R”: -0.05999999865889549,
“brightnessright”: -0.05999999865889549,
“brightnessright_B”: -0.05999999865889549,
“brightnessright_G”: -0.05999999865889549,
“brightnessright_R”: -0.05999999865889549,
“colorChannelValue”: 0,
“comboFov1”: 1,
“comparapro”: false,
“contrastleft”: 0.10000000149011612,
“contrastleft_B”: 0,
“contrastleft_G”: 0,
“contrastleft_R”: 0,
“contrastright”: 0.10000000149011612,
“contrastright_B”: 0,
“contrastright_G”: 0,
“contrastright_R”: 0,
“displayquality”: 1.5,
“foveated”: false,
“foveatedcom”: -1,
“hiddenarea”: true,
“smartfill”: true,
“startalone”: false,
“suppervivegame”: false,
“title”: “Common Setting”

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Thanks, but that looks like my settings.

The OG post is talking about the color of the headset chevron, which always starts off green, even though I’ve set the color in PiTool to blue. Even starting PiTool doesn’t change it. I need to change the setting in PiTool again, before the chevron is updated. Then the setting is lost, if I turn the headset off.

None of those settings look like the one for the chevron. Is it poorly named or missing?

on 5k+ image can be a bit blueish, so some people increase red or decrease blue colour channel to make it more warm

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Right. Fortunately, I like the standard color tone of my 8K.

I’m just a bit miffed that I can’t permanently change the chevron color. (Still, it’s a minor issue and I’d rather Pimax concentrate on more important aspects of PiTool.) I was just hoping there was a workaround for the issue.

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