How to run Trover saves the universe?

So I’m trying to play trover saves the universe, i have the steam version but it runs pretty poorly on the pimax requiring PP and not even perfect at that. It has baked in Oculus SDK support and i’d like to try that to see if it runs better.

In the trover directory there are three BAT files to load in desktop mode, openvr mode, or oculus mode. As far as I understand to use pimax’s oculus compatibility mode you have to add the game to the library and start game from pitool, but pitool doesnt accept bat files and if i add the naked .exe it just crashes on load, doesnt even boot steamvr (which makes sense, it’s not using the openvr bat file either).

Is there a work around for this to add bat files? or otherwise add command line arguments to loading the exe from pitool?

any advice is appreciated

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Run SteamVR. But goto your Desktop Steam Launcher. With some aps you can choose to launch in Oculus VR mode from the drop down.

I was able to do this in Everspace which wss unplayable in SteamVR mode.

ok my options are vr or desktop , i tried adding the launch arguments from the oculus batch file into steam but then it just skipped the question and went to the desktop mode by default…

but for your everspace, was it really launching in pimax oculus emulation without steamvr? i’ve never had that work for me, always had to launch from pitool

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Yes. Steam complained I didn’t have the right headset but launched anyway. Everspace was so bad considered refunding it after launching in Steamvr mode.

Not sure if @park is still around but he had did some tutorials launching some games in Oculus mode by editing Steam ap id.

boo i tried with beatsaber also based on this thread Running Steam version directly in "Oculus Mode"? :: Beat Saber Issues & Troubleshooting and it at least loaded in the headset, and even though i dont see steamvr open anywhere its clearly running steamvr because i see fpsvr’s overlay and all the graphics artifacts from having pp disabled , hmm

I think though could be wrong that some Oculus mode games may still need pp.

Everspace still ran Steamvr but the game would run in oculus mode.

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