How to reset 8kx Firmware (LED white)

After I updated the firmware 294. HMD led turned to DFU mode. So I used DFUupgrade to reset my 8kx firmware with CMD,

it seems be succeed to update but now the LED turns to steady white.

And When I check Device Manager for USB connection. it doesn’t recognize it like below

after that I uninstalled the device and execute stm_dfu_3040_64.exe file in C:\Program Files\Pimax\Runtime\dfudriver

but it doesn’t do anything.

I tried to make my 8kx as DFU mode but I cannot make the 8kx as 8k,5k+ does from sweviver video.

Which firmware file should I install for 8kx? Maybe I installed wrong firmware.

Please help me.


Did you remember to try flashing with DP disconnected as per the release info?

You may need support’s help @Alex.liu

Also try redownloading and reflash firmware if able.


Yes I installed the firmware while disconnecting DP.

Can you give me a link that has instruction to follow and reflash firmware. I cannot find it for 8kx.

Instruction from sweviver video is helpless for 8kx. I cannot turn off HMD while it connects to usb

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Please submit a ticket description question so that the technical support customer service can reply to you.

8kx USB is power supply, you can treat it as power supply.

Thanks for reply i fixed the issue by helping from CS.


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