How to raise max resolution on 8k+?

Just got my 8k+ why would my Artisan be noticeably clearer,am i missing something here?Also how do you ras the max resolution in steam config file?I am running a i7 9700k with a 2080ti.

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Max resolution steam config file : 16384

Myself, I tried Pitool rendering : 1.0 , Steam VR : 250%-300% and/or Pitool 1.5 and Steam VR 150%.

I also have a 2080TI and I was able at those settings to pass the Assetto Corsa benchmark to maintain 90 FPS all the time without any problem.

I was still not happy with the image clarity of the 8K+ and had to resold it and have keep my good old 5K+.

Now I’m waiting for my Artisan that will arrive next week. Cant wait to do the comparaison again and I hope I will prefer it this time.

The Artisan is like the 5k+, they have a native image.

The 8K and 8K+ have an upscaler integrated and it make the image look/feel different.

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Yea its crazy the Artisian is way clearer on way lower setting dont make sense.

What is the path to get to the steam config file?

I’m happy to hear that.
It means my 5K+ could be for sale shortly.
Not that I dont like my 5K+ but we are always asking for better and better right !

The artisian is very clear like closest to the hp reverb i have seen.


You will see the path at the begnning of my video here :


Test by usung only small, potato fov and increase steamv video resolution.

My 8k never get clarity until it launch potato and I can test by 1070 and look better although not clear like 5k+

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