How to play VRKanojo?Has anyone run successfully?

pimax 4k can run VRKanojo demo .If i try to run official version,steam vr can auto start,but the game is not responding.

Wasn’t expecting that type of content but it totally worked on Piplay 1.1.92 w/ Steam Beta with and without Revive.

Without Revive:

Go to VRKanojo Demo Install location & launch InitSetting.exe/choose HTC Vive option.

With Revive:

Patch “VRKanojoDemoForOculus.exe” in the VRKanojo Demo Install location.

Add VRKanojoDemoForOculus.exe to Steam as an Non-Steam Game.


Appears to utilize positional tracking but the Pimax 4K does not support this, currently.

The official version does run ok on Pimax.

I can’t search / link the solution myself at the moment (on a work computer), but if memory serves, try this:

Go to

Search for “VR Kanojo - black screen - anyone else?”

This post says something about running the VR Kanojo updater on the main launch screen, which will patch the software to v1.10 (currently). Then somewhere on that reddit page is a link to a patch for that version of the software, download and replace the original file of the same name etc.

If you have a look around on reddit, seem to remember there is a link to an uncensor mod too.

If you’re into Illusion games I assume you have PlayClub with all the mods from Hongkongfire… way better IMO.

thanks a lot, with this patch I have succeed.
I thinks is a good place:grinning:

Demo can run succes without any patch,but official version should put in a patch.You can see 3l ,he shows the way to play it!