How to play fallout 4 vr in pimax crystal?

hi i try to play fallout 4 vr in steam vr and openxr.

But when i start a new game and do the name and skills in bathroom . i cant get true this . x button dosent work. anny solution? using crystal and pimax controller.

iirc someone else with a crystal got around controller problems by using the pimaxXR software.

Why would you possibly do that?

Fallout 4 is an OpenVR game. If you run it in OpenXR mode using OpenComposite only to have SteamVR set as your OpenXR runtime, then all you successfully did was adding an extra layer (OpenComposite) of overhead ^^

No , i try to play in only openxr and composite and the game will not start .

i can play in steam vr , but controllers dosent work .

I tried it with OpenComposite, and PimaxXR; It was working first time, then I changed some settings in XRToolkit, restart, and since then I have that same error. Even after reseting settings in XR Toolkit (safe mod, ctrl+F1+F2+F3).

I can play it in SteamVR with Fholgers correction file for Oculus controllers + Perfkit. That is not bad solution on Crystal.

I will try it, thx!

EDIT: I tried it, does not help.