How to open / replace the housing of the 5K Plus?

Hi there!

The housing of my Pimax 5K Plus has a lot of cracks.
Well, fortunately i got a 2nd Pimax 5K Plus (which is broken), but with a housing in pretty good optical condition.

Yesterday i wanted to replace the cracked housing of my 5K Plus with the other housing of the broken 5K Plus, but as hard as i tried, i couldn’t get the housing removed.

I removed all screws, but i just don’t know how to get that thing apart…
I didn’t want to apply too much force on it, because i’m afraid, that i’ll eventually damage the “new” housing.

Is there a video tutorial or anything, how to safely remove the housing of the 5K Plus? The only tear down of a Pimax on YouTube i found, was for the Pimax 4K.

Thanks a lot in advance.

This thread has some info and pics:

Remember that you’ll void the warranty by opening the headset


Thanks for the link. I already found this thread, but unfortunately it doesn’t show how exactly to get the front and the back cover apart. I just don’t want to break anything…

Regarding the warranty: I bought both HMDs 2nd hand, so there is no more warranty anyway.

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Try Reddit, if my memory serves there’s some teardown/modding threads


Thanks, I’ll have a look at that.


Honestly, using a spudger you’re going to likely crack the housing. I’d 3d print a casing with holes over the sensors before doing this, but I do understand wanting to get the OG housing in good order.

My unit is over a year old now, has minor cracking. a chip in a corner with tiny cracks around that, seems to be a set screw underneath. Also a hairline crack developing going up the front panel from the usb c connector underneath. Honestly I could care less about the cracking unless it got obscene and opened up, but I plan on making a compression fit 3d print anyway. Light leak/dust getting in are not acceptable, and I’m nowhere near that, but I could see it happening in a year or two so I need to get it on it.

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