How to increase the Field of View of the HP Reverb G2 with this simple mod!

In this video I will show you guys how to increase the FOV (Field of View) of your HP Reverb G2 by getting your eyes much closer to the lenses. This simple mod requires little material and is very easy to do.

Here are the materials mentioned in this video. They are affiliate links.

Sponge Neoprene Stripping:
(Get 1/2 to 1in wide and 3/8in thick. Also get one that has 1/8in thick for more flexibility to experiment with different thicknesses. Remember you can layer them one on top of another)

Pick N Pluck Insert Foam:

Double Sided Tape (If you plan on using the insert foam):

Black Cardstock: (For preventing light bleed)


Wow! That was quick. You are a genius, my friend. Thanks for your hard work and the video.


how much do you like the g2 vs 8kx so far

I did a similar mod but using a ~20mm vive face cushion I had lying around. The fov went from ~85 degrees to ~100

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Where did you get this vive face cushion from? Is it the right size? And how did you attach it to the headset?

They’re on ebay from China, such as this one For now I just used rolled up tape but you could also use velcro stickers

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They dont ship to Canada, so I found an alternative product that has 18mm, 12mm, and 6mm foams. 3 pack.

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