How to import games into Pimax client?

I feel stupid, but I can’t figure this one out.
Help please😁,

i’ve wondered the same too. i don’t think there’s any button or menu item in the client UI. i think it detects them, maybe after you’ve launched them manually when the client is running.

Once you quit and reopen the Pimax client, it will scan your computer and add your VR games to the My Assets page. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

Hi… in my case the client added all but my non steam version of IL2. However, I am able to start the game with the desktop icon.
I can’t adjust the parameters (e.g. POV width) in the client for it.

reviving this old thread… The new BeamNG doesnt list itself as a “VR” game in steam, so it doesnt get added to pimax client, so i can’t have a particular setting for it. What exactly is the client scanning to add them to the list? is there some hidden file somewhere that has a vr=true setting that we could set so the client imports it?