How to enable the microphone in the Pimax 8KX?

Even though I select the microphone for my headset in Pavlov, my microphone doesn’t work. How do I enable it? Is there even a microphone built in?

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Yes, there is a microphone, but I’m not using mine (yet), so I can’t give any specific advice. Are you sure it’s not working (or is it simply very quiet)? Many USB mics need to have “boost” enabled. Try yelling into it, to see if the test volume bar activates a tiny bit.

If you get some activity, you need to enable “boost” in the mic settings in Windows. Not all drivers have that setting, so if you don’t see a boost option, you’ll need to find another solution. I think there’s software available to add that functionality (but I’m not sure).

I get no activity but maybe the volume is set to 0 just like sometimes my regular microphone plugged into my PC shows 0 volume sometimes and I have to raise it.

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try to select mic in windowns & click analyze problem (win10 feature)
you also can check if it reacts in windows input settings - there is option to check & adjust mic device settings

Yeah mine is working without any trouble. Both mic and SMAS speakers are detected as a USB input and output device respectively. Mic levels in Win10, Steam voice etc are good.

I also have a Logitech USB headset plugged in as well, and can switch to that one if needed. Did some testing with a mate and he said both sound equally clear to him.

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Mine used to work,but do so no longer. Not sure when it stopped - maybe back when I tried the eyetracking module…

Looking at the bar in Windows’ audio settings, it seems input is actully registered, until I select the pimax speakers as output - then it goes dead. I guess there may be some sort of USB conflict/resource shortage, or something…


Okay so I noticed volume was set to 72 for the mic in windows. i changed it to 100 but i have to talk loud for Pavlov to even show me speaking. How do I increase the sensitivity?

Enable the “boost” option, if it’s available. Otherwise you may need to resort to third party solutions (software utilities). Since others are not having issues, perhaps they can suggest something.

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