How to correctly use pimax to watch a movie

How to use pimax enjoy good movies, and even pornography. To be personally on the scene, this is an obvious advantage about VR which conventional display cannot give. Especially to deserve to pimax ultra hd display technology, this wonderful feeling you can’t find words to describe him.

In order to share the best way to see a movie, I have consulted to many people and try a lot of different players,different combination. Finally I get the result and succeed to complete this post.
First, I’ll give you my conclusions:
If your pimax is in the extend mode, you can use Kodi player to watch a 2D or 3D video which is easy and simply to use.
Maybe some people would like to Panoramic video, and the LiveViewRift may be your best choice. You can use Potplayer + SVP4 improve fluency + MADVR increase rendering to get the best image.
If your pimax is in the direct mode, you can use virtual desktop + Potplayer to see 2D and 3D films. you are available to see
Panoramic movies with Simple VR Video player(If you are in direct mode and able to buy the official version, then all of your needs will be met).:grinning:

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The player is roughly divided into 3D player and VR players

Difference is as follows:

3D player can play 3D content, display effect is good, but do not support the gyroscope and unable to watch the panoramic video.
This type of player are: Potplayer, Kodi, and storm video, thunderbolt and video, etc.

VR player is designed specifically for VR player, considered the operation of the VR environment, can watch the giant-screen film, can watch the panoramic video again.
These players are:
Extension mode: LiveViewRift, MaxVR, etc.
Direct mode: Simple VR Video player, AutoplayVR, KolorEyes, virtual desktop, etc.

So many players, which really strong? In what scenario should use which kind of? Please listen to me slowly to ~

Kodi and Potplayer as a 3D player, the broadcast quality is very good, so in the case of only the movies, we try to choose the type of player.

LiveViewRift and Simple VR Video player as VR players, powerful, good playback quality, both can be used to see the film, and can be used to see panoramic Video.

Virtual desktop as a very practical software, can cooperate with 3D player in some extent, to achieve the effect of the VR players.

Extend mode to see the movies, we choose to play the effect is good which is after pimax’s developers provide customized for Kodi for Pimax.
Kodi for Pimax can realize subtitles, channel switching, add live source video broadcast network, and the image quality and viewing Angle, is the best choice of viewing tool.

guys are bound to be attention who are using at the first time. This player is different
from other players in video set. You need to choose the source of videos,after that you just
need to move documents to the folder. you can creat different video source depends on your
preference.About this set ,you may be in trouble at the first time, but it is very convenient
to use after that.

If you simply pursuit of animation, you can use Potplayer + SVP4 + MADVR.
But the disadvantage of the player’s viewing Angle, large screen picture look is not complete, for a long time to watch can lead to fatigue

The specific steps are as follows:

  1. select piplay to movie mode
  2. Press with Potplayer broadcast movie, shortcut “Win + Shift + →(The direction key)” will be player switch to pimax, then press “Alt + Enter” to Enter full screen mode. (" Win + Shift + ← "player can be cut back)
    Ps: if the broadcast content for ordinary 2D, the player is set to:
  • “video” to “3D video output” to" the source of ordinary video (2D)";
  • “video” to “3D video output” to “output mode” to “left /right video output”

Ps: in order to achieve the best experience was used for the first time you need to set up:
Sources the proportions of the play is set to rise up the cinema, then adjust frame, brightness, color to herself that the optimal effect.

If your graphics card is strong enough, cooperate SVP4 improve fluency, MADVR enhanced image rendering, can get super experience, the texture, the color, the fluency, sublimated another dimensional.

Because of the limitation of the 3 d player cannot use gyroscope. Picture has been right in front of you no matter how you move your head .At this point you can lay enjoy the pleasure of beauty bring to you.
But if you yearn for freedom, the beautiful girl in the lower left of the screen may be more beautiful, but you don’t want to slanting eyes looking at, but a legitimate turned to look at. Kodi and Potplayer cannot play panoramic video at the same time that can’t satisfy you.

  So LiveViewRift as the player should be your best choice
  1. Set Piplay to panoramic film model
  2. Open the LiveviewRift broadcast video

Extend mode can not only see a movie, also can see panoramic video. Player is very powerful, can DIY set to fit the best experience.

See a panoramic video set to:
Cam Mapping: Equip
Stereo Mode: off

Watch 3D imax movie set like this:
Cam Mapping: Stereo
Stereo Mode: LR sq.

Direct mode to see the movies, due to the direct connect mode cannot directly use 3D player a movie, so we need to use the power of the virtual desktop, under the environment of virtual desktop, open the 3D movie player (at this time can be change according to the head motion picture)

  1. Select Piplay to panoramic film pattern
  2. Open the virtual desktop
  3. Open any 3D player, with a virtual desktop will broadcast proportion is set to 16:9 movie need, (if the broadcast content for about 3D, the virtual desktop “Half SBS” option must be hooked on), then press Alt + Enter to get full screen play.

So is there any player can Imax 3D movies, we can see panoramic video again?

Yes, that is the Simple VR is billed as the strongest Player Video Player

Powerful functions, interface simple, beautiful, can also pass a number of Settings, own satisfaction into the picture.

This player is suggested to purchase genuine which has less bugs but has better effect.It’s cheap but has more than the effect of value

I tried to watch 3d movies using Simple VR Video Player, Virtual Desktop and Big Screen (its free on Oculus Home), with VLC and Windows 10 built in player, but regardless of apps i use, i always get left eye image rendered slightly lower then right eye image. Offcourse it results with messed up experience with no 3d effect, Any suggestions? Thanks.

Why not try potplay watch 3d movies? You can use Potplayer + SVP4 improve fluency + MADVR increase rendering to get the best image.
If your pimax is in the direct mode, you can use virtual desktop + Potplayer to see 2D and 3D films.
Recommended not to use virtual desktop, because the software mandatory split screen makes some painting deteriorated even ghosting.
You can also switch to extend mode using kodi, as the player is very simple operation.

Hi, what do you mean by “left eye image rendered slightly lower then right eye image”, could you take a picture of them?

Indeed it is the case. I just noticed that in 3d (OU or SBS) mode i see windows taskbar and playback software bottom panel only in one eye. To be clear, it all happens in Virtual Desktop and Big Screen.

God, my previous post just dissapeared… whatever, i dont have any more patience for it.

Your case is so weird, never met this before, i will feedback to our engineer, and get back to you

It’s absolutly normal for Virtual Desktop:) You just need movie to fullscreen. Virtual Desktop just divides desktop screen for each eye (NOT movie!). if you open movie in window, then divide wrong (the dividing line is displaced). It’s not Pimax problem and not problem at all.

I tried it in window, in fullscreen, with VLC, with Media Player, with Virtual Desktop, with Big Screen and with Simple VR Video Player. No matter what i did and how i set and mix everything up, its always the same problem.

I’ve used the Simple VR Player and I could be able to see a SBS 3D Movie without any problem, it have a great 3D effect :slight_smile:

Finally i was able to check some 3d movies using BSPPlayer, which has pan and scan function. To be honest they all look MUCH better on my 50’’ Samsung tv. Even 3d looks more 3d on tv then on this headset.

TIP: If your videos is coming up in kodi as two separate images, either side-by-side or over-and-under - hit F2 once or twice to toggle the stereo mode. Took me a bit of research to work this out.

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Thanks for the great review!

I use Whirligig for 3D with very good results in combination with an Xbox controller.

It works with the gyroscope and its free for now :smiley: